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What a year
It was fun while it lasted, but the holiday season is finally over-no more traffic-free roads, late night shopping sprees, and trips out of town. Soon enough we'll be back to being stuck on EDSA for hours on end
New year, new motorist
The past 12 months were an interesting time for Filipino motorists. Lots of new laws and developments took place which have had a direct effect on us and our cars. In the spirit of celebrating the coming of 2018, here are 10
It truly is the most wonderful time of the year
As I'm writing this, I just arrived fresh off a drive from the Makati business district, normally a hellhole of gridlock, to our office in Pioneer.When I got in the car, Will Smith's "Miami" was playing mid-verse on
Let's hope they all arrive here
It's been one hell of a year for the Philippine automotive industry. But while the uncertainty surrounding the 2018 implementation of the government's new tax program may have dampened the mood a bit, it doesn't mean there's not
Let's make our roads safer and friendlier
You say you want a resolution? Well, alright: How about we all commit to helping make our roads safer and friendlier in the coming year? Yep, motoring nirvana doesn't depend on traffic officers--it rests heavily on our shoulders, the driving
What's yours?
Happy New Year, guys! It's the first day of 2015, and like most individuals, the members of our editorial staff have resolutions they intend to do--particularly in the area of motoring. These are simple car-related promises that we hopefully
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