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Two of the newest subcompact sedans in the market duke it out
We wouldn’t call it bare at all
The revamped Honda City recently made its local debut, receiving a host of welcome changes along the way. Aside from fresher looks, the popular subcompact sedan also received a serious boost in terms of safety features. However, there's another bit of
For those curious about Nissan’s new subcompact sedan
Nissan Philippines (NPI) is starting off the second half of 2023 on a high note as it introduces the facelifted Almera. Shortly after its arrival in ASEAN, the subcompact sedan now makes its debut in our market bearing new looks and added
The subcompact sedan gets a few updates
After less than two years since its local launch, the Almera has now received a few updates in our market. Nissan Philippines (NPI) is now opening the second half of the year with the unveiling of its facelifted subcompact sedan. This launch
Like the new look?
If you're in the market for a subcompact sedan, 2023 might be the year to buy one. There's a chance the all-new Toyota Vios might arrive here, as well as the updated Honda City. Not to be outdone, Nissan
Nissan has announced the launch date
2023 is shaping up to be a strong year for subcompact sedans. Toyota has the all-new Vios, while Honda gave the City several changes under the skin. You can now add Nissan to the list as the updated Almera is finally
Heads up, car buyers
While the likes of the Navara and Terra are clearly Nissan's current bread and butter in the Philippine market, its other offerings like the Almera have proven to be pretty desirable, too. If you've had an eye on the subcompact
The updated model will make its debut at the upcoming Miami Auto Show
It's been nearly three years since Nissan first unveiled the all-new Almera. Does it feel old yet? For most of us, not really. The carmaker seems to think otherwise, though, as it has already given the subcompact sedan a facelift.
Available through Nissan Philippines’ June promo
Nissan Philippines (NPI) is rolling out yet another new promo this month. If you're in the market for a brand-new car, pickup, SUV, or even a van, then read on.For the month of June, NPI is offering cash discounts
This or the Toyota Vios?
If you caught our recent fuel economy feature on the 2022 Nissan Almera 1.0 VE Turbo, you'll know that so far, we've been impressed with what the newly-introduced sedan has to offer. Long story short, if efficiency during
We finally decided to leave the auto ‘start-stop’ feature on, for once
So, 19km/L. I switch on the shiny orange Nissan Almera I've just been handed, and 19km/L is supposedly the best this particular unit has done during its more than 3,000km on Philippine soil.That's a pretty impressive
Sadly, not all models are part of this promo
Getting old isn't just tough on the body-it's pretty hard on the wallet, too. The same goes for most cars, which rack up maintenance costs just as quickly as they do kilometers on the odometer.If you're the
Still need time?
Few things are more of a downer for potential car buyers than harrowingly missing out on a sweet deal at the dealership. We have some good news for those of you who weren't able to pull the trigger in time on
Not bad
Nissan Philippines has just released another round of promo offers this month, and this time it includes the Almera subcompact sedan.For the month of April, car buyers can drive home a brand-new Nissan Almera VE CVT for a low downpayment
A full tank costs a fortune these days, even for smaller cars
Fuel prices are at an all-time high. And with the skyrocketing pump prices, some of you might be wondering: How much would a full tank of gas now cost?Well, we're here to indulge you. We compiled seven subcompact sedans
We set out to see just how thrifty the new 1.0-liter turbocharged engine is
When Nissan Philippines (NPI) launched the all-new Almera, a lot of our readers couldn't help but ask about the new 1.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine. Most of the questions, to no surprise, were about its fuel consumption.In order
Did you buy any of these new arrivals?
The past year was a noticeable step up from 2020 in terms of car launches. Yes, a huge part of that was because COVID-19 lockdowns didn't hurt the auto industry as much as in the year prior-but also, many
Can it now compete with the top dogs of the subcompact-sedan class?
The old Almera just didn't get any respect. Despite having a gutsy engine, great comfort, and good handling, it was never a roaring sales success beyond the taxi-fleet crowd-mainly thanks to its rather challenging looks.But Nissan's ugly
How does Nissan’s new subcompact sedan fare against its rivals?
Nissan Philippines recently revitalized its subcompact sedan offering, the Almera, by bringing in the all-new model to our market.The next-gen Almera arrives with improved looks, a new powertrain, and a reasonable price tag. It's got its work cut
It’s easily one of the most stylish subcompact sedans right now
It sure is. Nissan has taken the Almera's design to new heights with this all-new model, and it's become one of the more handsome offerings in its segment right now.Very well, but there's a bit to take
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