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Some of these have been confirmed for a local launch already
The latest generation of this subcompact sedan has been revealed in Thailand
We previously announced that Nissan will be unveiling the all-new Almera in Thailand. Now that the vehicle has been revealed, it turns out our assumptions were correct: The latest iteration of the Almera does look identical to the Versa, which we
It's set to be revealed in a few days
We finally have an answer as to when we'll see the all-new Nissan Almera in the full.The Japanese car manufacturer has released a teaser video on YouTube, showing off its stylish next-generation subcompact sedan. By the looks of
Worth it?
The Almera, Nissan's spacious subcompact-sedan offering, is now available in a more energetic N-Sport package. The company announced the new variant earlier today, and it's pretty damn affordable starting at P735,000.So, what do you get for
Be a rational, budget-conscious Asian
These days, there's a subcompact sedan from about every manufacturer for almost any budget. Whether you're on the hunt for a simple, reliable daily driver or a well-specced model with all the bells and whistles, chances are there's
Be sure before you buy
Good day, Top Gear Philippines!Can you suggest the best car among the Toyota Vios, Honda City and Nissan Almera? I am a teacher, and I will use the car as our service with my wife. I am looking for a car
And by fun, it means MT variant
Hello, sir Botchi! I am currently planning to surprise my parents on their wedding anniversary this year by buying them a new subcompact car. Last year, they sold their 2007 Honda City 1.5 VTEC MT for a brand-new Nissan Navara
Subcompact showdown
When you think of subcompact sedans, the first name that usually comes to mind is the Toyota Vios. After that, it's likely the Honda City. The two cars listed in this fight might not always be top-of-mind in their
A true working-class vehicle
What are the first sedans that come to mind when someone mentions subcompacts? In all likelihood, most would answer the Toyota Vios and Honda City, right? After all, one look outside your office window will confirm the two cars' market dominance. After
You guys deserve it
So you've been out of the country for several years, working your ass off to provide a better life for your loved ones back home. You land in NAIA-hopefully for good this time-and an hour later you're out
As well as a new range-topper
Nissan Philippines today launched the refreshed Almera and its two new variants--one placed above the previous top-of-the-line edition, and another aimed at those looking for the best value for money in the competitive subcompact segment.The new range-
Other perks are up for grabs
If you've been eyeing a Nissan vehicle, today may be the best time to make that purchase and take advantage of the Japanese carmaker's ongoing promo. Running until February 28, 2015, the "New Year, New Nissan" promo is offering car
Purchases 12 units for Manila's Finest
Manila Mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada has personally taken delivery of 12 units of the Nissan Almera purchased by his city government "to beef up Manila's police patrol fleet."The turnover ceremony was attended by Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI) president and managing
Going up against the big boys
North Trend Marketing is an ambitious company. Besides holding the exclusive distribution rights for the Maxxis, Presa and CST brands of tires throughout the Philippines, the company also distributes Mobil lubricants in the Visayas region and handles the sales of Mobil's
Help your fellow reader by taking the poll
Hi, Botchi. I would like to ask your expert opinion on what the best P700,000 automatic-transmission car is for our needs. I know you've answered a couple of these questions already, but I'm still hoping that you can
When will new company relaunch brand?
We have the latest on the Nissan saga in the Philippines: According to a source familiar with the ongoing transition, the new company--now run by Nissan Motor Company of Japan--will be called Nissan Philippines Inc. If things go according to
It isn't a Vios
Subcompact sedans are big business for car brands in the Philippines. They serve as entry points for new customers, building market share and brand loyalty. Nissan Motor Philippines' lack of an entry-level subcompact has long been a hole in its market
For the Almera subcompact sedan
While the name \"Richard Yap\" may not sound familiar to you, we\'re sure you\'ve heard of the popular \"Sir Chief\" character he plays in a daytime TV soap opera. Well, Yap has been recently appointed by Nissan Motor Philippines to
Would this make you consider buying the subcompact sedan?
Nissan\'s Malaysian assembler, Edaran Tan Chong Motor, is teaming up with Nissan Motorsports to create the Nissan Almera Nismo Performance Package for its local market. The variant is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of the year.Drawing inspiration
Are the deals enticing enough?
Nissan Motor Philippines is staging an \"End of Summer Sale\" by offering big cash discounts and freebies exclusively for the Almera.Currently, NMPI has an ongoing promo for the Almera which is an all-in down payment of as low as P99,
We found out for ourselves at the launch
Apparently, one of the main selling points of the all-new Nissan Almera is its incredibly capacious trunk. In fact, trunk space is among the few things highlighted in the car's 30-second TV commercial produced specifically for our market.Indeed,
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