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It's a trap!
Have you ever wondered what Star Wars would've looked like if it had been set in a world where all spacecraft looked like US-market Nissans?Well wonder no more, people of the Internet. Somehow, Nissan has anticipated our wildest sci-
The executive sedan with maximum attitude
Nissan is well-known for producing some of the maddest motors in all of Japan. Yet over here, under the Nissan Yulon banner, the brand pushed forward "luxury" as its raison d'être.This strategy might have worked if the products kept
Which one do you think won?
We've seen countless of videos where an ordinary road car goes up against two race cars on a racetrack, with the road car always being given a generous head start. Well, Nissan has done something similar but with a twist. Instead,
Here are photos of actual PH unit
In December, Nissan Motor Company of Japan officially announced and confirmed a new (and unified) Nissan distributor for the Philippine market, formally called Nissan Philippines Inc. At that time, newly appointed NPI president Kenji Naito was quoted in the press statement as
When will new company relaunch brand?
We have the latest on the Nissan saga in the Philippines: According to a source familiar with the ongoing transition, the new company--now run by Nissan Motor Company of Japan--will be called Nissan Philippines Inc. If things go according to
One sedan and two vans
So, whatever happened to Nissan Motor Company\'s takeover of Nissan operations in the Philippines, as we reported back in July? The two exisiting Nissan distributors in the country--Nissan Motor Philippines and Universal Motors Corporation--went awfully quiet after we broke
To be followed by 3 other new cars
If you're among those wondering what Nissan Motor Philippines has been up to these days, here's some good news: The Santa Rosa-based carmaker is preparing to bring a handful of new vehicles into our market, starting with the Almera
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