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Another reason to opt for an EV
Thanks to our soaring pollution levels, opting for cleaner electric-powered cars like the Nissan Leaf is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition. Sure, they may not be as macho as automobiles with conventional diesel or gasoline engines, but we'll settle for
A look at how the synergy will work
Last week, the automotive industry was rocked by news that Nissan Motor Company would buy a third of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, which is essentially a controlling stake. Mitsubishi has been plagued by admissions of rigging fuel economy tests of models for the
Worth roughly around $1.8 billion
If you're familiar with the automotive industry, you're probably aware that Mitsubishi Motors hasn't been doing too well as of late (globally speaking, that is). Just last month, the Japanese carmaker admitted it had overstated the fuel economy figures
One MMC office raided by gov't officials
It has long been a practice of many manufacturers to quote fuel-mileage figures that are often better than the real-world consumption. The discrepancy isn't necessarily considered a lie, as the figures given are often based on "ideal conditions." The
It's called, well, redi-Go
In 2012, Nissan fans rejoiced when the Japanese carmaker announced that its longtime nameplate, Datsun, would return to the motoring scene. Unlike the Datsun that many of us grew up with, however, the new brand was more of a budget badge that
We want this in PH market
It's official: Nissan is coming out with an all-new crossover based on the Kicks concept displayed at last year's Buenos Aires Motor Show. The vehicle's production version will retain the Kicks moniker; it will be sold globally, beginning
Are you ready for the future?
Carmakers are really riding the wave of the future. They're embracing the concept of self-driving cars, which apparently aren't such a far-fetched idea nowadays. Just ask the executives of Nissan. The carmaker just premiered the IDS Concept at
More tiny autos for the world
As the world continues to go crazy over SUVs and crossovers, some carmakers think there is a demand for other cars apart from these popular categories. If you look a little more closely at the auto industry, you'll see a segment
Dedication is what computers don't have
The car-manufacturing process has over the years become an increasingly mechanized and automated process. Programmed robots don't eat, sleep or complain, making them the viable choice for large-scale manufacturing in the automotive industry. But while many companies have turned
How would you rate the design?
Like we said, it's awesome having an automotive market whose size is 20 million-plus units, because carmakers will regularly design products just for your country's demographics. We're still talking about China, and this time, it's Nissan's
Fondly called Mr. K by colleagues and fans
The word out of Yokohama, Japan, is that Yutaka Katayama, the first president of Nissan Motor Company's US division and also the widely recognized father of the Nissan/Datsun Z sports car, has passed away at the age of 105. The
The new firm is called a joint venture
Last Thursday, December 12, Nissan Motor Company of Japan officially announced the establishment of Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI)--as we reported in October--which the carmaker calls a "joint venture formed with longtime partners Universal Motors Corporation and Nissan Motor Philippines Inc."
Closer to (our) home
Nissan Motor Company announced that it will move the global headquarters of the luxury car brand Infiniti to Hong Kong.Infiniti's relocation to Hong Kong comes after the brand announced plants to lift its global sales to 500,000 vehicles a
Sells over 500,000 vehicles globally more than Honda
Nissan may not be one of the top players in the Philippine car market in recent years but the Japanese carmaker has proven to be a sales juggernaut everywhere else and it is now the second-largest Japanese car manufacturer in the
Given to Nissan dealers that excel in both sales and customer service
Nissan Iloio recently received the highest accolade given by Nissan Motor Co. to its dealers worldwide: the Global Nissan Sales and Service Way (NSSW) Award.Virginia Segovia, dealer principal of Nissan Iloilo, received the award at a formal ceremony held at the
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