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New vs. newer
The Nissan Terra isn't the only fresh midsize SUV on the block. Though it isn't an all-new model, the Isuzu MU-X's 1.9-liter variants, which were introduced to the Philippine market just a couple of months
And by fun, it means MT variant
Hello, sir Botchi! I am currently planning to surprise my parents on their wedding anniversary this year by buying them a new subcompact car. Last year, they sold their 2007 Honda City 1.5 VTEC MT for a brand-new Nissan Navara
Watch it in action
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.In 2014, consumer editor Botchi Santos was filmed driving the then newly launched Nissan X-Trail. His spiels then segued into the Japanese carmaker'
To handle its automotive brands
Tonette Lee (middle), a marketing executive who had previous stints at Nissan Motor Philippines and Ford Philippines, is back in the car industry after a five-year break from the automotive business. Lee, whose most recent employer was Samsung Philippines, has joined
The new firm is called a joint venture
Last Thursday, December 12, Nissan Motor Company of Japan officially announced the establishment of Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI)--as we reported in October--which the carmaker calls a "joint venture formed with longtime partners Universal Motors Corporation and Nissan Motor Philippines Inc."
When will new company relaunch brand?
We have the latest on the Nissan saga in the Philippines: According to a source familiar with the ongoing transition, the new company--now run by Nissan Motor Company of Japan--will be called Nissan Philippines Inc. If things go according to
One sedan and two vans
So, whatever happened to Nissan Motor Company\'s takeover of Nissan operations in the Philippines, as we reported back in July? The two exisiting Nissan distributors in the country--Nissan Motor Philippines and Universal Motors Corporation--went awfully quiet after we broke
It isn't a Vios
Subcompact sedans are big business for car brands in the Philippines. They serve as entry points for new customers, building market share and brand loyalty. Nissan Motor Philippines' lack of an entry-level subcompact has long been a hole in its market
And that\'s a good thing
When Nissan released the second-generation X-Trail a few years ago, most observers were underwhelmed, specifically because it looked almost the same as the first-gen model. Unless you were really familiar with the vehicle, you\'d be hard-pressed to
For the Almera subcompact sedan
While the name \"Richard Yap\" may not sound familiar to you, we\'re sure you\'ve heard of the popular \"Sir Chief\" character he plays in a daytime TV soap opera. Well, Yap has been recently appointed by Nissan Motor Philippines to
Reportedly to take place very quickly
With Nissan\'s lowly status in our market these days, it\'s difficult to remember that this Japanese automaker was actually the No. 3 car brand in the Philippines back in the early \'90s. In 1995, the last year it held the
Are the deals enticing enough?
Nissan Motor Philippines is staging an \"End of Summer Sale\" by offering big cash discounts and freebies exclusively for the Almera.Currently, NMPI has an ongoing promo for the Almera which is an all-in down payment of as low as P99,
Japanese carmaker given \'Prime Mover\' award
Nissan Motor Company has been named one of the \"Prime Movers\" of Habitat For Humanity Philippines, a non-profit organization that builds homes. Handed out during the organization\'s 25th anniversary, the Prime Mover awards are given to companies that are considered \"
A better choice than the gasoline variants?
For one reason or another, the current-generation X-Trail isn't moving out of Nissan Motor Philippines' showrooms as fast as the previous-generation model did. It's either because the price skyrocketed from the relatively affordable just-over-P1-million
We found out for ourselves at the launch
Apparently, one of the main selling points of the all-new Nissan Almera is its incredibly capacious trunk. In fact, trunk space is among the few things highlighted in the car's 30-second TV commercial produced specifically for our market.Indeed,
Featuring--what else?--a cute girl
Tonight, Nissan Motor Philippines officially launches the all-new Almera subcompact sedan. It is only fitting that they already release a 30-second TV commercial for it. And indeed the company has. Below is the first Almera TVC for our market, and
Find out what the driving conditions were
According to an executive of Nissan Motor Philippines, the soon-to-be-launched Almera subcompact sedan has just completed a fuel-economy run in which it yielded 24.8km/L. The test involved a manual-transmission unit of the 1.5-liter
Are the figures attractive enough for you?
On January 16, Nissan Motor Philippines will officially launch the all-new Almera subcompact sedan to formally commence the latter's battle with the likes of the Toyota Vios, the Honda City and the Hyundai Accent, among others. A week before the
In time for your 13th-month bonus?
Nissan Motor Philippines Inc. (NMPI) won't be launching the Almera subcompact sedan until January 2013, and yet the Japanese carmaker will already put it on display at all of its dealerships nationwide starting December 14 "to welcome the festive holiday season."
At its Santa Rosa manufacturing plant
Nissan Motor Philippines Inc. (NMPI) is taking a page off one of its rival carmaker's books by having its newest contender in the subcompact sedan category produced locally, much like its top competitor for the same vehicle category. Toyota Motor Philippines
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