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Among many, many other deals
Potential car buyers are in for a treat this month. Nissan Philippines has just rolled out its new 'Drive Beyond' promo, and massive discounts across its lineup are available.The new promo is similar to the last one, only there have been
Japanese vs. Korean
Recently, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. quietly released the refreshed Grand Starex in the Philippines. The Korean carmaker's official local distributor didn't hold a launch, or even put out a press release--the van just subtly appeared on social media.Strange,
Ever heard of 'Manila-proofing?'
Manila's roads are some of the most congested on the planet. Yes, we know you're aware of that. We just figured we'd remind ourselves because we're masochists that way.Kidding aside, there's only so much we can
Take a look
Excise tax be damned. Nissan Philippines is starting off its 2018 undaunted by new regulations, revealing four new vehicles at its annual media thanksgiving party. We already showed you photos and gave you the details on the ridiculous GT-R Nismo, so
Starting the year off with a bang
Ever since the calender hit 2018, each carmaker has made adjustments to its sales plan. Some minor, some major, but they've all had to adjust, thanks in no small part to the government's Tax Reform for Inclusion and Acceleration (TRAIN)
A lesson in letting technology do its job
Don't let that headline fool you. We don't ever recommend driving on the road with your sight impaired in any way. Remember when Will Ferrell tried it in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby? Yeah, that didn't turn
Coming this November
Looking for a new family hauler for your next Christmas get-together and-before you know it-summer road trips? You may want to wait a little and check out the updated NV350 Urvan base and Premium variants, both of which are
Company president confirms arrival next month
Vans are selling better than hotcakes these days because of daily gridlock. When it rains and cars around you start slowing down, you know you're going to miss your evening telenovela. But if you have a big van with a driver,
A motel room on wheels
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Depending on where you go, a road trip can last for a really long time. So long, in fact, that your mind and body
Space galore
A few months ago, Nissan Philippines expanded on its already popular van lineup by introducing the Urvan Premium. It eschewed all the fancy frills and honed in on what customers demand from their people haulers-space and comfort. Such is the popularity
Big and bold
I'm a sedan/sports car kind of guy, but as I matured into my thirties I began to appreciate haulers like vans and large SUVs as I am currently a full-on family man.With that said, I recently shared my
Higher, wider, roomier
Nissan will always have a special place in my heart due to fond memories of a '90s Sentra I had in my youth, and how I tend to compare every performance car I drive to the GT-R. So when I was
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