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It was back in 1989
Long ago, before the Greenhills Promenade was even remotely an idea, the parking lot in front of the Greenhills Theatre would fill up with all sorts of cars starting at 9pm. Toyota was fully represented with KP Starlets and Corollas of the
Mitsubishi drives up cost-cutting program<br /><p><strong> </strong></p>
Visibility in international auto shows has become de rigueur for carmakers. But in these financially-trying times, Mitsubishi has decided to join just one major car show per continent to cut costs. According to Automotive News, Mitsubishi has pulled out of the
Gumpert shrugs off the economic slowdown with an even faster Apollo<br />
Gumpert will unveil a faster version of its street-legal race car just after Top Gear recognized the Apollo on Power Board as the fastest car ever on the show's test track. Dubbed the Apollo Speed, the updated supercar can
<p>The compact German hatchback has always been dynamic, with a sprightly diesel engine. Vernon B. Sarne thinks this Beemer just doubled the fun</p>
I HAVE always been fascinated by the 1-Series five-door hatchback. It's personal, it's performance-oriented and it's meticulously crafted. Best of all, it's BMW. Which means it's also the only
<p>Former Lancer Evo owner Botchi Santos has always had reservations about SUVs, until he drives the Pajero and realizes that there's a reason the ‘S' in SUV stands for ‘sport'</p>
HONESTLY, I'VE never liked the idea of a gasoline-powered SUV. The 'U' stands for utility. If it's a gas-guzzling SUV, it loses its utility, its practicality and its value because SUVs - much like pickups -should
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