That price tag is insane
We've featured plenty of iconic movie rides up for sale here on Top Gear Philippines. This one-a set of four rides from Michael Bay's Transformers franchise-is definitely on the ridiculous end of the asking-price scale.For $2
Watch it come to life
Remember that ridiculous Robosen Optimus Prime figure that went on sale earlier this year? You know it-self-transforming capability, voice control, and an eye-watering P53,700 price tag. Well, unboxing one of these bad boys looks just about as fun
We hope this becomes a reboot, not just a prequel
I still remember when the trailers for the first Transformers movie came out in 2007. Fanboys like me the world over got goosebumps just from seeing the robots in disguise we had watched and played with as kids making the jump to
It's actually tolerable if you leave your brain in Cybertron
The high point of the Transformers franchise was a decade ago. In the first movie, Optimus Prime lays out his plan to stop Megatron by sacrificing himself using the AllSpark. In Peter Cullen's iconic voice, Prime says: "It's been an
Still better than Michael Bay’s drivel
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Almost three decades ago, what we thought was another episode of Transformers-albeit movie-length-turned out to be a quasi-seminal event in
If you were old enough then, that is
The '80s was full of pop cultural milestones. The decade featured the birth of music videos and video games, and the hip-hop scene was finally beginning to gain traction. One element of the '80s which we're sure stuck with you--
Uber to treat customers in the US
Transportation network company Uber is doing something interesting to promote the latest Transformers movie in the US: It is sending out Optimus Prime to pick up its customers.Okay, technically it's a Western Star truck dressed up to look exactly like
To be shown in two years' time
The Transformers movie franchise isn't over apparently as director Michael Bay confirmed he has signed "a two-picture deal" with production company Paramount Pictures, with one of the two movies being "a new take on the Transformers franchise."Bay revealed this
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