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After months of speculation, something official has finally come out of Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) regarding the all-new Vios subcompact sedan.Below you'll find the official prices, specs and variants of soon to be locally-available Vios units, provided to
Keeping time in style
Because we love watches (arguably) as much as we love cars, here are some of the coolest and most iconic motorsports-inspired watches ever made. You may want to hold off on counting your savings to buy them, though--some of these
Are we the 'smoothest' in the world?
Filipino drivers experience a range of emotions when on the road. Unfortunately, that range is made up of emotions like frustration, stress, annoyance, and oftentimes even despair...or so we thought.Surprisingly, a recent study conducted by Shell in partnership with Goldsmiths,
Coffee and calisthenics are involved
With the increasing number of road accidents in many parts of the country, government authorities seemed to have dried up on new ideas to counter these unfortunate incidents.From speed radars and breath analyzers, to motorcycle and bus lanes, the Land Transportation
Help is one call away
Kia customers can rest assured they'll make it to their destinations over the next few days, because the Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC)-the Korean carmaker's official Philippine distributor-is once again holding its annual Holy Week Motorist Assistance program.The
Government should really consider these
EDITOR'S NOTE: A funny take on the Philippines' Land Transportation and Traffic Code (or Republic Act No. 4136) was shared by our legal columnist Robby Consunji on his Facebook page, based on some joke that had been circulating online. Robby thinks
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