Make her feel special
Think about all those times that your mom has helped you out, given you the right advice, fed you, clothed you, and took care of you in every conceivable way. If she has done any of those things, then she deserves all
It hasn't lost its charm
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.In this world of turbochargers and automatic boxes that can shift quicker than Schumacher, the Toyota 86 stands out as somewhat of an ode
It's inside Honda's newest dealership
The Angeles-Clark area in Pampanga is a haven for car lovers. For one, there's the track at Clark International Speedway. There are also the different lahar trails for off-road nuts. Now, there's a new place in town for
A fun day out of the office
Test drives are an important part of what we do as motoring journalists, and it's admittedly one of the best parts of our job. It's important because getting behind the wheel gives us a first-hand feel of what a
Under the Laus Group of Companies
We've driven Volkswagens to Pampanga for a road trip before, so take it from us when we say that these German vehicles are fantastic for long drives. And now those who live in this province and travel to Metro Manila regularly
Access to fun cars for more people
It's a great time to be a car lover in Pampanga. Motor Image Pilipinas is formally opening a Subaru dealership in the province this week, giving nearby residents access to some of the most fun-to-drive vehicles the Japanese carmaker
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