In a factory 100% owned by Peugeot
Peugeot Philippines continues its successful pivot to Malaysia-sourced units by unveiling a more affordable 5008 last night. And when we say 'more affordable,' we mean to the tune of P1 million-basically lopping off a third of the previous 5008's
It ticks all the right boxes
When I think of France, I don't automatically think of croissants or the Eiffel Tower. Well, fine, those things do come to mind eventually. But my initial thought is usually of Teddy Riner, a mountain of a human being who has
Although they’re more crossover than SUV
Excise tax or not, Peugeot Philippines went ahead and introduced three new models before the holidays. Formally launched during a brand-appropriate event were the new 2008, 3008 and 5008.The 2008 is a subcompact crossover about the size of a Mitsubishi
We go to France and see its culture and cars first-hand
France has perhaps one of the most misunderstood people and culture in the world. The Americans want to supersize everything, the British like being cool and quirky, the Japanese mean to make everything precise and efficient, the Germans strive to make the
An impressive French alternative
We're quite a big family. Seven kids plus two senior-citizen parents means we need a serious family hauler, despite the fact that my older brother and I have moved out of the house. Sundays are sacred, not just for Sunday
Resolutely French in style and flair
Amidst the sports cars and supercars, and nestled between concept cars and design studies lay Peugeot's brave new triumvirate: the all-new 3008, 5008 and Traveller MPV/minivan.The 3008 and 5008 have shed their awkward crossover/MPV stature and have
To be launched in Paris next month
Nobody really buys MPVs in Europe anymore, which we suspect is why Peugeot hasn't replaced its aging 5008 people-mover with another one. What it's done instead is turn it into a seven-seat SUV-all the practicality of an
These are challenging times
Last week, I had the grand experience of sitting in the car for 2.5 hours to get from the Market! Market! area in Taguig, to Valle Verde in Pasig--a distance of less than 5km. The Christmas Carmageddon had officially begun,
No word yet on when it will arrive in PH
Remember the Peugeot 5008 compact MPV, one of four models that Eurobrands Distributor Inc. brought in when it relaunched the French car brand in the Philippines last year? The vehicle has received a midlife facelift, featuring \"a new front appearance that adopts
Until September 8th
Wouldn\'t it be nice if, during your stay at a hotel, you actually had the privilege of inspecting and even driving some really nice cars? Guests of Sofitel Philippine Plaza will now get to experience this, as Peugeot importer and seller
Inside Maybank branch, to be specific
May 13 may be a stressful and terrible day for many of us Filipinos because we have to once again elect public officials who almost always end up stealing from and lying to us anyway. Thankfully, there\'s May 12 before that,
A fun summer road trip
It\'s summer and the sun is inviting. So, we took a couple of Peugeot family vehicles--the compact 3008 crossover and the bigger 5008 MPV--to Pico de Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas. Getting to the destination was made easier with a
There's no showroom yet
Eurobrands Distributor Inc. has officially launched the Peugeot brand, showing off the French carmaker's offerings for the Philippine market at the recent Auto Focus Motorshow & Auto Expo. On display at the outdoor motor show were the 3008 compact crossover, the 5008
A little bit higher than what we originally reported
Last month, the Chief reported that he received the price list of Peugeot's products for the Philippine market from one of the French carmaker's dealerships. The timing couldn't have been better as, according to the Chief, an official from
Customers won't have to wait too long
The volume of luxury vehicles that move out of showrooms every month pales in comparison with mass-market models. This why most of the Philippine-market distributors for luxury cars often have the units on an indent or per-order basis, hence
See the figures
Apparently, the prices of the Peugeot models to be launched here have been pretty much set for a while now. Yesterday, when we reported on the first official press conference held by local distributor Eurobrands Distributor Inc. (EDI), we were only able
Check out the features of the 508, 3008, 5008 and RCZ
Pardon the Peugeot information overload since yesterday. There's just a significantly loud clamor for the newest car brand in the local market right now. We've already given you the product lineup, the sales forecasts, the price estimates, and the engine
Presents product lineup to media
In February this year, we first reported about the planned Philippine comeback of French carmaker Peugeot, an amusing development after the previous distributor--the now-defunct AutoFrance Philippines, which used to be an affiliate of the Richard Lee-owned Universal Motors Corporation
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