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It’s only for China, but would it make sense elsewhere, too?
There's so much room inside
The Paris motor show doesn't happen until September, yet we're already being shown one of its debutants. It's a Peugeot estate car. But before you sneak away, know that it's a Peugeot estate car like no other.Just
No, really
We're as surprised as you are. This really is the all-new Peugeot 508, a replacement for Pug's aging big sedan. And my, doesn't it look... good?It's a more rakish take on the five-door hatch formula.
It has a certain je ne sais quoi
I was there during the relaunch of the Peugeot brand in the Philippines, in an air-conditioned venue back in late 2012. I recall perusing the French carmaker's starting lineup at that time, which consisted of the 3008 compact crossover, the
Ahead of Paris Motor Show
Peugeot has updated the 508 midsize sedan, with major changes to its exterior and interior styling to go with the new and cleaner engines.A new front grille conveys the look Peugeot's future models will have, while the hood is more
With new face and interior bits
Peugeot has updated the face of its 508 midsize sedan, giving it a more assertive look reminiscent of the current-generation RCZ.The new 508 sports a new grille that features the brand's lion emblem, with its horizontal design giving it
Until September 8th
Wouldn\'t it be nice if, during your stay at a hotel, you actually had the privilege of inspecting and even driving some really nice cars? Guests of Sofitel Philippine Plaza will now get to experience this, as Peugeot importer and seller
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