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Its jeepneys are still chugging along
It's difficult to come by any solid numbers on just how many jeepneys there are in the Philippines. According to an NPR article from 2018, estimates vary from 180,000 to 270,000. About 75,000 of those are crammed in
Who is Gabby?
The jeepney has practically become synonymous with the Philippines, as closely associated with it as pristine beaches and wide-eyed tarsiers. It has become a cultural symbol with its loud splashes of color, intricate paintings adorning the sides, and figures of horses
There’s a clue standing at the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club
Shaw Boulevard is a major thoroughfare at the heart of Metro Manila. It runs across EDSA, and is just as old as EDSA itself. It spans from Kalentong Street in Mandaluyong City to Barangay Bagong Ilog in Pasig City.But prior to
They were a common sight in the city once upon a time
Commuters in Metro Manila have a lot of hopes and dreams for our current transport system (especially seeing as it leaves a lot to be desired, but that's a whole other story). And one ultimate fantasy a few might share would
You must have seen it
If you've ever spent any time traversing EDSA southbound from Quezon City to Makati, you're no doubt familiar with that giant gaping hole in the ground at the corner of Ortigas Avenue. People who ride the MRT, especially, would get
How many of these changes have you actually witnessed?
The city of Makati wasn't always the busy central business district it is today-before the presence of skyscrapers and shopping malls, it was merely empty grasslands. Over time, the city has evolved from an airport to a prime real-estate
Nostalgia alert
Nothing compares to Manila back in its heyday. For now, the only way that we can travel back in time to see what Manila looked like when it was called the Paris of the East is through digital colorized photos. From lost
They’ve been around for some time
Animal-drawn vehicles like sledges, carts, and wagons were the common means of transporting goods and services in the Philippines until the end of the Spanish period. Traders from different regions came to Manila in cattle caravans and the like. While similar
The feature is only available until this March 31, 2020
In its efforts to spread knowledge and promote awareness about Philippine history and culture, Waze Philippines has partnered with the Department of Tourism (DOT) to launch the "100 Days in the Philippines" campaign.Through this update, Wazers will get to learn more
Big bike riders join Republika Ride 2 for a historic celebration in Malolos
If there's one thing that makes life difficult for many riders, it's coming up with a legit reason to go out with their motorbikes on a Sunday. We all know that Sunday is an important day to Pinoy families-it'
We even used 'Mounties'-style uniforms and BMWs
The Philippines was turned over to the United States after Spain signed the 1898 Treaty of Paris agreement in France. As a military government was formed, the Philippine-American War started in 1899. It ended soon after General Aguinaldo was captured in
Learn about classic automobiles and Philippine history
If our cars are extensions of who we are, then our country's past presidential cars reflect not just their users' personalities and preferences-these people, after all, were once our heads of state. Each state car thus also represents the political,
These are little treasures #tbt
There are two vital archival materials that are collected and preserved for posterity. The first are the textual and non-textual records created by an individual, institution, or company. These are correspondences, reports, contracts and other agreements (textual); and photographs, illustrations, and
A retrospective
The public-utility jeepney or PUJ, known as the auto-calesa or AC before the war, has been with us for a long period of time. Sooner or later, however, the plan to impose the Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization Program by
It's part of Philippine history
Back before AUVs-or Asian utility vehicles-were a thing, there was the Mitsubishi Cimarron. In the midst of the '70s-era 'Progressive Car Manufacturing Program,' which saw the introduction of the Ford Fiera, the Toyota Tamaraw, and the DMG-VW Trakbayan,
From Kawit to Intramuros
When was the last time you went for a drive to a place you hadn\'t been to in a long time? It doesn\'t have to be far--even just around the metro or nearby provinces. We\'re so occupied with
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