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Learn about classic automobiles and Philippine history
If our cars are extensions of who we are, then our country's past presidential cars reflect not just their users' personalities and preferences-these people, after all, were once our heads of state. Each state car thus also represents the political,
These are little treasures #tbt
There are two vital archival materials that are collected and preserved for posterity. The first are the textual and non-textual records created by an individual, institution, or company. These are correspondences, reports, contracts and other agreements (textual); and photographs, illustrations, and
It's part of Philippine history
Next year, the Mitsubishi L300 celebrates its 30th birthday. Or its 34th. Or is that 38th? Confusing? That's understandable, as the L300's journey to market in the Philippines is indeed a long and convoluted one.Back before AUVs--or Asian
From Kawit to Intramuros
When was the last time you went for a drive to a place you hadn\'t been to in a long time? It doesn\'t have to be far--even just around the metro or nearby provinces. We\'re so occupied with
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