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His latest pride and joy is a ’69 Plymouth with a supercharged Hemi V8
Cars that have grilles that look like mustaches
The new entry-level Roller is supposed to be a less ostentatious-looking uber-luxury barge, to keep in step with 2020's changing attitudes. Extinction Rebellion is no doubt ordering seven as company pool cars. To give it that friendlier aesthetic,
Those were the days
Mercury was merely Ford's upmarket spin-off, but its planetary name somehow captured the spirit of a space-seeking age. Meanwhile, many cars have found fame repurposing the name of a big cat, and 'cougar' has rather morphed in meaning since
Both are awesome, but you know you want one more than the other
The rivalry between these two major Japanese AWD sports sedans goes back to the early '90s. While it has died down due to the discontinuation of the Lancer Evolution, these two cars remain relevant and will, for a long time, be icons
Peek under the hood if you dare
What comes to mind when you think about Halloween? Trick-or-treating? Scary pumpkins? All things evil and ghoulish? Yup, your favorite kind of four-wheeled contraption has certainly played a part in this unique holiday in the form of
A truly epic tale
Everyone who is into this car collecting hobby has a story about how they acquired their prized possessions--no matter how mundane. However, there are some stories that simply stand out and can be retold over and over again. This 1937 Plymouth
A perfect 'patina car'
There's a special place in our hearts for cars that still wear factory paint. Such classics are survivors of a different variety, and they tell more stories than their fully restored counterparts.These kinds of collectibles are called 'patina' cars, and
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