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*Or as close to suitable as possible
The Polaris Slingshot is one hell of a machine. Fun performance and insane looks make it arguably the gnarliest thing running on three wheels around. Suitable for daily driving, though? It doesn't exactly give off that impression.Polaris is looking to
Thanks to a new engine
Hmm, how best to describe the Polaris Slingshot? A motorbike with an extra wheel? A KTM X-Bow with a wheel missing? America's take on the Morgan Three-Wheeler? Either way, it's a pretty bonkers open-topped take on personal
A unit has been spotted in Subic
We don't care if you think you have an encyclopedic database of automotive information in your head, but we promise you that you're bound to see a vehicle that's unfamiliar to your eyes every so often. This was the
Toys for the adventurous boys
For our road trip story this month, we took the road less traveled with Polaris utility task vehicles (UTVs). Also called side-by-sides, these vehicles are off-roaders that can tackle the boondocks with ease."These are the real bad boys,"
But do you like how it looks?
This is the newly launched Polaris Sportsman WV850 HO, a kick-ass all-terrain vehicle made by an American company that specializes in ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles. It is powered by a 77hp, 850cc four-stroke SOHC twin-cylinder engine mated to
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