It will feature sustainable materials
It looks like even the Pope might be jumping aboard the all-electric bandwagon. Electric car manufacturer Fisker has revealed that it's building a next-generation Papal transport, aka the Popemobile, based on its Ocean SUV. It's set to be
It's a lot of money
Remember that Lamborghini Huracan with the current Pope's signature on it? Chances are you came across photos of it circulating on social media last year. At the time, word was it was going up for auction via RM Sotheby's, and
A race is being held in Vatican City
Compared to antisocial, gasoline-powered motorsports like, y'know, Formula 1, the world of Formula E is very saintly. Confirmation of that gets no greater than a blessing from the big man. Yep, the Pope has blessed Formula E.His Holiness even
Although he's not keeping it
This incredibly meme-worthy image was shared by Lamborghini's official Facebook page yesterday. Yes, that is Pope Francis with a Huracan. And no, His Holiness isn't blessing the all-new Popemobile.The Italian supercar you see being signed by the
Another memorable year for motoring
Life in the Philippines is never boring, especially on the road. But as the year draws to a close, we can't help but feel that the past 12 months have been particularly colorful. With new cars, more traffic, and government shenanigans,
Bigger and more plush
The Volkswagen Touran MPV got a publicity boost recently because it ferried Pope Francis last month. We've done long drives in VW's people-hauler, and it has a functional and no-frills approach to comfortable transportation. No wonder it was
As promised by local VW distributor
Volkswagen Philippines has officially turned over to the Philippines' Apostolic Nuncio the Touran MPV that the German carmaker's local distributor provided for Pope Francis's use during his recent visit to the country on January 15 to 19.On hand to
Check out his companions
In a country whose population is still predominantly Roman Catholic, the arrival of the church's head is a red-carpet event. Which is exactly the case with Pope Francis's ongoing Philippine papal visit. Over here, he's a bona fide
A different kind of Popemobile
It seems Pope Francis's visit to the Philippines won't be limited to him riding around in the Popemobile--whether it's the Isuzu D-Max-based one or the jeepney-like model we reported last weekend.According to Volkswagen Philippines,
What are the changes?
It seems it won't be just motorists who will be affected by Pope Francis's visit to the Philippines. Commuters who will be using the Light Rail Transit Line 1 will have to make some adjustment as well.With the Pope
It's best to be well-informed
While Roman Catholic devotees are looking forward to Pope Francis's visit, some are afraid of getting stuck in Metro Manila gridlock. Thankfully, the government is doing its job in helping manage traffic from January 15 to 19, as it releases an
These 2 photos say it all
If you think motor-vehicle traffic in Metro Manila is hell, wait until Pope Francis arrives next week for his Philippine pastoral visit on January 15 to 19. Such is the expectation of unbearable road congestion that the President had no choice
From January 15 to 19
On January 15 to 19, when Pope Francis arrives for his Philippine pastoral visit, human and motor-vehicle traffic wherever he goes is expected to be extremely heavy. Precisely why the government already declared January 15 and 16 to be nonworking holidays
For pontiff's arrival next week
As you know, the universally adored head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, is visiting the Philippines on January 15 to 19. A major part of his itinerary is his scheduled stop in calamity-stricken Tacloban, but he will of course
Dates of Pope Francis's arrival and departure
If you're either going to or coming from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on either January 15 or 19, we advise you to adjust your schedule now since the roads around the facility will be closed at certain hours to make
As we prepare for his PH visit next month
Yesterday marked the 78th birthday of Pope Francis, the reigning pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Pontiff has been known for his humility. This humility is also reflected in his choice of smaller cars as his ride.
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