An everyday performer
Another Porsche 911 review! Which one's this? Quite possibly the perfect everyday Porsche 911. Remember the 911 Carrera GTS-the darling of both the 997 and pre-facelift 991 ranges? Well now you can have one with the thrustier new turbocharged
Not your typical mid-cycle refresh
Like most cars, the Porsche 911 goes through a mid-cycle refresh. This usually includes minor tweaks to the exterior and the interior, as well as updates to the transmission. The changes to the 991 Carrera range, however, are much more than
More sensible than the standard Carrera
With small-displacement boosted engines becoming more the norm these days, it was only a matter of time before Porsche would fit a pair of turbochargers in the 911 Carrera range. The direction suits the sports-car company naturally; it has embraced
Let us count the ways
We recently got behind the wheel of many new Porsche 911s. They were all turbos, but in Porsche world, there are turbos, and there are Turbos. Here are nine things we learned about the latest iteration of the iconic sports car:1.
He now also has a motorcycle company
If you could have just one car, what would it be? For actor Keanu Reeves, the answer is simple: the Porsche 911.The 52-year-old celebrity is fascinated with cars and speed. Ever since he was a kid, he has fancied
Check out these mods by Tequipment
Porsche cars may be expensive brand-new, but like most premium automobiles, they get hit by depreciation faster than mass-market models. That also makes them appealing secondhand deals if you find a fresh unit. All that's needed is to update
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