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With 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman
It's always been said that we shouldn't forget our past. No matter how old we get or how successful we become in life, looking back and tracing our roots is good for the soul. It keeps us grounded and puts
For one-third of the price
We had an inkling the new Mazda MX-5 was a good deal when the prices were announced, but we didn't know it was this good. According to an infographic commissioned by parts retailer, the MX-5's numbers
A good baseline to know German carmaker
The inexperienced will easily diss the Porsche Boxster as the German automaker's entry-level sports car, and that its performance falls short of the legendary 911. However, these people fail to realize that the Boxster is more than a good baseline
Highest-ranked brand for 3rd straight year
When it comes to luxury cars, manufacturers strive to deliver only the best in terms of quality and design. Standard and excellence are two words that they hope go hand in hand with each vehicle that passes through their assembly lines, and
Because once you go black...
Thanks to advances in technology, car buyers can now choose from a slew of colors to suit their varied tastes. While you can specify even the wildest color that captures your imagination (and will catch onlookers' attention), there are some colors that
In case you love open-top motoring
Adversity, they say, is the best route to success. Those who usually have their backs against the wall are the ones who end up winning the gold. Don't believe this? Just look at the Porsche Boxster. The little German roadster that
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