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Two variants available at launch, the more powerful of which is capable of 761hp
Confirmed: The new 600hp Taycan EV will have a wagon-bodied crossover cousin
As the electric-car revolution gathers pace, it's started splintering off into niches already. Say you wanted an EV, but you've been waiting for a semi-sporty one with a raised ride height and a wagon body. What to do?
Taking on the best of Tesla
Big news. Up until now you've known Porsche's all-electric performance car-due next year-as the Mission E. That was a good name; futuristic, optimistic and powerful. But Porsche has now put that name in the trash: the impending
More than just a fantasy
Windscreen wipers. Actual glass wing mirrors. Somewhere you could conceivably mount a number plate. Leaving off these tedious details is an easy shortcut to building glamor into a concept car. But their presence signifies something that's even more exciting.They mean
It could be in production by 2020
For most of us, the future is all about making plans, setting goals, and envisioning our lives 10 or 20 years down the line. For Porsche, however, the future can be summed up in two simple words: Mission E.The Mission E
Company green-lights electric sports car
Barely three months ago, Porsche left the motoring world floored when it introduced the Mission E Concept at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. From the outside, the four-door concept car looked like the successor to the Panamera. Yet this model actually
Meet the futuristic Mission E
So it seems the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid sports car was just the beginning. For the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the German carmaker will show off a concept called the Mission E. This is the first fully electric four-seater from Porsche,
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