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“Things that try to be two things tend not to be as good at either thing”
Created by three-time WRC winner Prodrive
It's called the BRX Hunter, and it aims to be the fastest way to get across rough terrain ever devised. It's been built to take on the Dakar Rally, that three-week-long 10,000km romp across deserts, dunes, mountains,
With the help of a big investor
British motorsport firm Prodrive has six World Rally Championship titles, five Le Mans class wins, and four British Touring Car Championships to its name. Not a bad record at all, but it's now setting sights on a different competition altogether-the
Unidentified European carmaker first to use material
Carbon-fiber composites used to only come in one color: black. The only way to color them was to paint them over. Now, Prodrive--the motorsport company that provided technical support for Subaru\'s foray into the World Rally Championship years ago--
Ready for the 2011 WRC season
Either the Chief was busy ogling at the booth babes in the Paris Motor Show or he didn't find it intriguing enough to make it into his Top 10 list. Whatever his reason, we think you'd still like to see
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