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For when racing heritage is what you're after
If you are familiar with motorsports history, you will know that Audi has a very rich racing heritage that goes all the way back to when the company was called Auto Union. But let's not turn the pages too far back.
One of them is hydrogen-powered
We can't help but look forward to what Audi has up its sleeves whenever one of its displays goes up. As far back as we can recall, the brand has yet to disappoint innovation-wise. So what's next for Audi?
Because paved racetracks are too mainstream
Audi may have grown tired of delicate sports cars that even Tony Stark wouldn\'t dare drive on muddy terrain. (Yes, R8, we\'re talking about you.) At this year\'s Frankfurt Motor Show, the German carmaker is displaying a concept sports
Also created for Frankfurt Motor Show
It looks like paying tribute to past models is the in thing at this month\'s Frankfurt Motor Show. As you know, Volvo is honoring the iconic P1800 with the Concept Coupe, while Abarth is celebrating the 595\'s 50th anniversary with
Walter Rohrl returns
After 25 years, two-time World Rally Champion Walter Röhrl will reunite with his Audi Sport Quattro S1 and tackle the legendary Pikes Peak where he set a record that still stands today.On July 11, 1987, Röhrl drove the
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