Articles about Queen Elizabeth II

The color will be made available to McLaren buyers
McLaren has developed a fancy new paint color to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, which-according to a well-known search engine-is something that is apparently happening this year. We really should stick to cars.Anyway, Platinum Jubilee means
A month after selling her Bentley
The British Queen seems to be getting quite enamored with this whole motoring malarkey. A month after she had sold one of her Bentleys, Queen Elizabeth II is now set to unveil plans to legislate for autonomous cars on UK roads.In
Special one-off model for true royalty
Range Rover has a certain aura that makes people believe that only the upper crust of society is worthy of riding in such vehicles. The iconic off-roader uses the finest materials and the most advanced engineering that make it fit for
At Buckingham Palace to mark her coronation anniversary
Queen Elizabeth II\'s Bentley State Limousine will be on display at the Buckingham Palace Gardens from July 11 to 14 as the centerpiece of a collection of Bentleys to mark the 60th anniversary of her coronation.\"While the State Limousine is
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