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It looks like a mean, apocalypse-ready machine
Welcome to the new 2020 Rezvani Tank, a big old update for one of the more extreme SUVs in the planet. If you can even call it that-Rezvani prefers to call it an XUV, or 'Xtreme Utility Vehicle,' sending the Top
Here's a fact for you: No car is faster than its headlights. The science is simple. It doesn't matter how fast your car is-if you've got a pair of tealights guiding you, you're not going to be
There’s no better vehicle for alien spotting than one that’s half-tank, half-smoke machine
“Like a giant Tonka toy, in the very best kind of way”
What on earth is that?This is a Rezvani Tank, something described by its maker as a 'tactical urban vehicle' and an antidote to the increasingly samey SUV segment. Its designer aimed to make a modern-day successor to the Hummer, and
If the standard one won't cut it
Intimidating SUVs? We've featured a ton of them over the years. But this one, the Rezvani Tank Military Edition, is by far the most menacing one yet.In case you're not familiar with the nameplate, Rezvani is a California-based
Hot damn
Remember the Rezvani Tank? It's a California-based performance car manufacturer's vision of a "Tactical Urban Vehicle," and it looks like a cross between a Toyota FJ Cruiser and Christopher Nolan's version of the Batmobile. Well, it appears Jamie
Potholes be damned
Do lots of driving in the city? Then what you need is a "Tactical Urban Vehicle." Forget SUVs, it's all about TUVs.But what form should a TUV take? For urban driving, and its terrible traffic and problematic parking, you'd
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