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Only 150 units of the all-electric hypercar will be produced
The standalone business, Rimac Technology will operate alongside Bugatti Rimac
Automotive giants Rimac Automobili and Bugatti officially joined forces last year to form Bugatti Rimac. Now, this merger formally operates under the newly formed umbrella company Rimac Group.Rimac Group becomes the majority shareholder of Bugatti Rimac with a 55% stake, while
And Porsche is in on the fun, too
Car biz news doesn't get any juicier than this. The rumors were true-Rimac and Bugatti are combining forces to form a new company, Bugatti Rimac. According to Mate Rimac, the man on course for full world domination, both companies have
If not, step right this way
If you're an avid follower of the recent happenings in the global automotive industry, then you've probably seen the name Rimac Automobili a lot on cyberspace lately. That's because the carmaker has just made headlines with the big reveal
The first true pure-electric hypercar is a sensation, as is the company that makes it
Google. Facebook. Amazon. One of the most fascinating things about the digital world in which we now live is that the tech titans that dominate it seemingly came out of nowhere, and not that long ago, either. The old order got scrambled,
It can do 0-97kph in 1.85sec, 0-161kph in 4.3sec, and 0-300kph in 9.3sec
It feels like it's been a decade already since we first heard of Rimac Automobili's 1,000hp++ all-electric hypercar. Not that it matters, because the Croatian company has now fully unveiled its staggeringly powerful EV in its full production
And on a poor surface at that
The Rimac C_Two is nearly ready, says Mr. Rimac himself. And as his company gets ever closer to building the first customer cars, testing of what will probably be a 1,900hp, 400kph+ EV hypercar continues apace.In a 10min video you
The budget for the new project is €200 million
You may have noticed that Rimac is doing rather well at the moment. Yes, development of the C_Two is taking slightly longer than we'd like, but the first year of production is sold out, anyway, and we're just impatient for
Courtesy of a €70-million investment
Porsche has just invested another €70 million (P4.06 billion) in Rimac, increasing its stake in the Croatian tech company from 15.5% to 24%.Since Porsche first invested in the company in 2018, Rimac has doubled its workforce to nearly 1,
Yes, you’re still reading Top Gear. We like trying new things here...
Little known fact: Rimac has sold more bikes than it has cars. This is hardly surprising given that so far, its only production contribution to the automotive sphere is the Concept 1 (the C_2 is due within the next few months), of
All new cars need to go through crash tests, and that includes even the most expensive of hypercars ever built. It may not look pretty, but it's part of standard procedure in order for carmakers to know just how safe (or
Driving tips at your disposal
We often talk with varying degrees of enthusiasm about 'communicating' with a good car (sometimes perhaps too enthusiastically). How it 'talks' to you, how it feels, how it encourages you to further explore its limits via reams of 'feedback.'Rimac's incoming
You can probably call it a gadget with all the features it has
Bicycles, much like cars, continue to get even smarter over the years. What used to be purely mechanical two-wheelers are now turning into highly technical pieces of engineering that could probably be considered more as 'gadgets' than they are mere modes
It will be shown in Frankfurt next month
Back in May, we learned that Hyundai was teaming up with Rimac to "collaborate on two high-performance electric vehicles by 2020."This would appear to be the first. Well, the weeniest little look at it. This is our first glimpse of
Pick your favorite here
Power: 1,887hpTop speed: 415kphRimac claims the C_Two's four electric motors develop a combined 1,887hp and 2,300Nm of torque. The front wheels individually use a single-speed gearbox each, while the use of twin two-speed gearboxes at the
The results should be interesting
Porsche has bought a minority stake in Rimac Automobili. You know, the 400-strong Croatian company behind the Concept One and C_Two EV-hypercars. The company that supplies Koenigsegg, Jaguar, and Renault. And the company that will develop the battery system for
Built in Croatia
We bet you didn't know that there's a budding car company in Croatia called Rimac Automobili that has created what you see here, a fully electric supercar called the Concept One (nothing to do with our local alloy-wheel brand,
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