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The race car has no clue I wear mascara
In constant threat of heat and rain
Rounds 8 and 9 of the Pro Mazda Championship were held in Houston, Texas, on a street course that runs beside the historic Astro Dome close to downtown. Having made my debut at this very track in October last year, I was
Here's how my race went
When you think of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you automatically think of the famous Indianapolis 500, "the greatest spectacle in racing." So you can only imagine my excitement when I knew that the Pro Mazda Series would be racing at the Grand
Here's how the weekend went
For Rounds 3 and 4 of the Mazda Road To Indy (Pro Mazda) Series, we found ourselves back at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama. The series had previously been there in February for Winterfest, so I was excited to finally go
Unleashing my sassy side
Part of being a race car driver is the willingness to put yourself out there, not only on the track but off it. I mean, we're competitors--we want to stand out in our own unique way. At least, I sure
The year's not going to be a cakewalk
Going to St. Petersburg on race weekend was different from going to Houston or the Winterfest at New Orleans Motorsports Park and Barber Motorsports Park. This is simply because it was the opening round of the 2014 Pro Mazda Championship. It was
Testing with an Indy 500 veteran
Not long after I left sunny and warm Manila for the freezing cold of Indiana, I hopped on another flight for the warmer weather of California for a few days of testing at Thunderhill Raceway Park. Having already been there once, I
It's not all about speed
When you ask people what their ultimate dream is, many will say that they dream of being a race car driver. They think of the speed, the fast cars, the trophies, the champagne showers and the overall lifestyle they think race car
Let our lovely blogger tell you
Although the Mazda Road to Indy (Pro Mazda division) 2013 season finished back in early October, that doesn't stop everyone from doing some winter testing to get a head start for preparations for the 2014 season in March. I myself booked
Michele Bumgarner kicks off her new blog
My love for racing started when my father first opened the Subic Le Mans fun kart track around 1995. For as long as I can remember, my brother Mark and I would spend hours at the karting track and drive hundreds of
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