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Packed with the latest models for our market
The wait is over: Our yearly Roll-Out Issue is now out and available at your favorite newsstands for P195. It is an easy-to-read car-shopping guide featuring the latest car models that will likely arrive on our shores in
The project editor explains
They say that Persian weavers intentionally incorporated mistakes into the carpets they made, so as not to offend their god. They believed only their god could be perfect. But we're not Persian (or Iranian), and we don't make carpets. So
An informed buyer is a wise buyer
Every year, we release our annual Roll-Out Issue, an easy-to-read compendium of the latest car models that will likely enter the Philippine market in the next 12 months. The time to release the 2013 edition of this useful car-
New cars galore!
We know you hate us for not publishing a stand-alone February issue. But you know we more than make up for it by releasing our yearly Roll-Out Issue, devoted exclusively to new car models that are likely to arrive on
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