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Is there a future for EVs in the country?
It may not seem like it, but the electric vehicle industry actually has a presence here in the Philippines. Proof of this is the Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit, which will be holding its fifth annual event this coming April 14 and 15.
Offering electric tricycles and jeeps
A new foreign-based player in the electric vehicle industry has arrived in the Philippines. TECO, a Taiwanese electric motor manufacturer has teamed up with local motorcycle distributor Ropali to bring us the Roteco ETrike and the TECO Electric Jeepney.The Roteco
Are you ready for e-jeepneys and e-trikes?
Whether you drive your own car or ride a public-transport vehicle, we're sure there's not a day that passes when you don't secretly wish that old jeepneys and buses be permanently wiped off the face of the earth.
An earth-friendly way of marketing
Big companies routinely do what is known as "corporate social responsibility" campaigns. Technically speaking, it's really just another form of brand marketing, but done in a way that makes it look like the sponsor is doing its part as a responsible
Boldly declared by EV group's president
At the just-concluded 3rd Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit, Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines president Rommel Juan boldly declared that there would be a total of one million electric vehicles in the country by the year 2020. That figure factors in
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