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One of the best sleepers ever made
Looks like an ordinary W124 Mercedes E-Class, but isn't. The 500E was a very special thing indeed-a limited-production, V8-powered super-sedan developed and built in collaboration with none other than Porsche.It had the 5.0-liter
Six reasons why this will be a collectible
1) It's really rare. Land Rover built 400 Heritage Edition Defenders like this one. They all came with Grasmere Green paintwork, steel wheels, almond upholstery and 'HUE166' badges that pay tribute to the first prototype's number plate. This one's
Despite crashing it twice
If you're a couch potato, chances are you're familiar with Mr. Bean. You know, that dude who makes the world laugh by acting like a big kid and isn't one bit shy about it. That character, of course, is
A funny and genuine gearhead
We're just as gutted as anyone in the wake of the BBC's announcement that Jeremy Clarkson is now officially out as a Top Gear host. But life goes on, and as the BBC promised, so will our favorite motoring TV
That's one heck of a repair bill
Back in 2011, comedian Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean crashed his McLaren F1 into a tree and a lamppost before the car caught fire by the side of a road. While paramedics were able to bring Atkinson to a hospital, firefighters doused
We feel sorry for both the car and the driver
British comedian Rowan Atkinson, more popularly known as Mr. Bean, reportedly crashed his McLaren F1 again. The damage this time, however, is much more extensive.British tabloid The Daily Mirror said Atkinson was driving the McLaren F1 when he apparently lost control
Beating two British comedians and one Tom Cruise
Rowan Atkinson may be famous for having played the clumsy and goofy title character in the popular TV series Mr. Bean but the genial comedian proved he is fast behind the wheel.At the most recent episode of the Top Gear TV
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