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Take a 330kph+ trip down memory lane to see why Ruf earns a special place in our hearts
It was on Betamax and VHS formats
The Porsche 919's lap of the Nurburgring this year might be the fastest of all time. But the best, most exciting, put-down-your-tea-and- just-watch lap? That still belongs to another Porsche-German tuner Ruf's 1987 promo
'I am your father'
Last year, Porsche tuner Ruf showed us the modern reincarnation of its famous 1987 CTR Yellowbird. Now, for this year's posh Californian car garden party-The Quail-both new and old Yellowbirds are getting together for the first time on American
You can now buy your dream Porsche from the '80s
Back in 1987 Ruf launched a car called the CTR. It was based on the Porsche 911, but had been thoroughly modified, developing 469hp. At the time it was widely believed to be the fastest car in the world, capable of 343kph.
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