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And it's for sale
Do auction lots get any better than this? Currently for sale at RM Sotheby's online-only European Sale is this: the very first of only 16 widebody Ruf CTR2 Sports, and one of two that was built specifically for the Pikes
Take a 330kph+ trip down memory lane to see why Ruf earns a special place in our hearts
Saying you love Ruf is like saying you love sunsets, or ice cream, or swimming on a warm summer day. It's just one of those things that seems impossible to hate.But why are we such ardent admirers? Is it the
Giddy up!
This, explains legendary Porsche tuner Ruf, is an off-road car. It is called the Ruf Rodeo Concept, is based on a specialist carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, and is part-inspired by Ralph Lauren.There aren't many details about the Ruf
An interview with Marc Brunner
With an increasing number of Filipinos taking on bigger roles abroad in major international companies-especially in the fields of hospitality, construction, and IT-you could say these highly trained, knowledgeable, and skilled personnel are fast becoming our most important exports. Anywhere
One of only seven
RM Sotheby's Monaco auction is shaping up to be quite a thing. Alongside countless priceless and historically significant classics there's the first-ever Ferrari Sergio, which is expected to fetch a staggering €3million, and the weirdly wonderful Ferrari Conciso Concept
You can now buy your dream Porsche from the '80s
Back in 1987 Ruf launched a car called the CTR. It was based on the Porsche 911, but had been thoroughly modified, developing 469hp. At the time it was widely believed to be the fastest car in the world, capable of 343kph.
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