Take your pick: high downforce or high horsepower?
SSC has announced two new versions of its Tuatara hypercar built for yet more track performance and featuring yet more power. Because clearly, 1,750hp is not enough.Step forward, Mssrs. Striker and Aggressor. We're told these two cars "package options
On its second attempt, the Tuatara reached a two-way speed average of 455.3kph
SSC made headlines when it announced that it broke both the 300mph and 500kph barriers as it set a new production car speed record back in October. It's even more impressive than the record Bugatti set with the Chiron. Unfortunately, the
And it’s set to happen in the near future
On October 30, SSC's CEO Jerod Shelby posted a personal statement on YouTube stating that the Tuatara will be making another attempt on the production-car speed record.Clearly, something had gone very wrong. In his statement, he said: "We immediately
The data has yet to be sent to Guinness for independent validation
Last week, we published a story and video revealing that the SSC Tuatara had achieved a new production car speed record, hitting a two way average of 316.11mph (508.73kph).Obviously, the film was going to be closely analyzed, and in
We get to drive the potential record-breaker
Monticello Motor Club is about as far removed as you can get from a damp track day at a circuit that has seen better days. This 6.6km, ribbon of tarmac, nestled in a sleepy valley 145km north of New York City (
Can you guess the numbers?
SSC, the carmaker that--for three years--held the world\'s fastest production car speed record with its Ultimate Aero, is getting to ready to reclaim the recognition once again. The boutique carmaker has just finished dyno-testing the twin-turbo V8
An Ultimate Aero with Tuatara components
For nearly three years--from October 9, 2007, to June 26, 2010--Shelby Supercars' (SSC) Ultimate Aero held the Guinness World Record as the world's fastest production car. But with SSC expected to unveil the production version of its Tuatara supercar
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