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Two avid riders share their secret to a happy marriage
More than 35 riders joined the recent Suzuki V-Strom Sagada Experience, but only one of us had his wife in tow for the 400km trip to the Mountain Province. No matter how fast or slow the convoy ran, riding couple Jonathan
Let’s distinguish real ADV bikes from the pseudo types
Waking up at 2am is not easy. Not even two cups of black coffee is enough to fire me up and get me going. But duty calls: I was invited to join the first Suzuki V-Strom Sagada Ride, jointly organized by
The requirements are unique
Highlanders have a unique set of criteria when it comes to choosing a vehicle. The roads leading into the Mountain Province have since been paved, but old habits die hard. Back in the day, if you didn't have a 4x4 vehicle
400km with a scooter
For the past few years, I've been seeing social media posts and reading about Sagada. I was so fascinated and intrigued by the stories and would always mentally bookmark it as one of the top items on my travel list. Unfortunately,
A truck that knows no boundaries
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Early this year, Nissan Philippines invited us for a long drive up Sagada. The trip was in celebration of the Navara's successful first
Driving Nissan's pickup truck to Sagada
A little over a year ago, the Philippines was introduced to the new Navara--Nissan's burly entry into the pickup wars. Yes, it's been that long already. In celebration of the milestone, Nissan Philippines invited us to join an epic
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