Last week, Samsung finally unveiled its newest flagship smartphone line, the Galaxy S22 series. Since the release of the S21-the first model in the S line to be compatible with the brand's fan-favorite S Pen-industry experts and tech
Digging the deisgn?
A camera bump is to a smartphone what the fascia is to a car: Get it right and it can make a vehicle's whole look. Get it wrong, and it can ruin the whole aesthetic.Several years ago, camera bumps-if
It doesn’t get more tactical than this
We'd say this thing is perfect for the hardcore off-road adventurer, but, frankly, it's a little overkill for that purpose. If, however, you anticipate getting shot at by enemy forces while driving through inhospitable and hostile territory, maybe this
First off, they come with reasonable prices
Samsung Philippines introduced its latest Galaxy tablets and here are some of the reasons why we are looking forward to bringing one on our next road trip:First up is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, the brand's 5.5mm thick tablet
The tech giant has just bought Harman
In the race to be on the cutting edge of car technology, the line between automotive and tech is blurring more and more each day. This is especially true when it comes to the corporate aspects of the two industries. Remember the
Pretty much like heads-up display
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. The reality is that many of us feel a tad incomplete when we are away from our mobile devices even for a few minutes.
Meet the Samsung Safety Truck
Most of us know this scenario: It's a two-lane highway, there's a big truck in front of you, and you're wary about overtaking. You keep inching your car to the left, cautiously glancing to see if there's
For remotely accessing the car\'s functions
Integrating smartphone technology with vehicles seems to be a growing trend for the near future. Following Hyundai\'s announcement that it will allow the owners of its next-generation Genesis sedan to connect with their cars via wearable devices like Google Glass,
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