It's almost Christmas
Remember Segway? Yeah, it's been a while since anyone's mentioned the name. Well, the company's still around, and it's still busy mixing up the electric-powered personal mobility scene. Need proof? It's
Caddies are going to love this
Let me begin by stating I do not play golf. I never have, and doubt I ever will--I just never learned to appreciate the sport. One of the things I do appreciate, however, is a good vehicle. If it looks good,
Is the deal worth it?
Okay, this will be short. Segway Philippines--formally known as Simply Moving Philippines--has introduced a sales promo that entitles a buyer to a free unit of the popular personal-mobility device if said buyer purchases 10 units. Sure, that sounds a
This week only
If you've bought a copy of our Green Issue (August 2012), you've most likely seen our columnist Ramon Bautista attempting to be eco-minded by riding a Segway Personal Transporter around a zoo. We did that story to inform our
Less than a year after buying the company
In what could only be described as tragic irony, the owner of the company that manufactures the Segway personal transporter died after he fell off a cliff while riding one of his firm's self-balancing motorized scooters.James William Heselden was
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