Do you agree with this?
In case you've forgotten about it already, the controversial doble plaka law is still very much alive. In fact, it was tackled yesterday by members of the Philippine Senate during a public hearing of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights.
Will this pass?
Do you regularly pass along BIR Road or Agham Road in Quezon City? Soon, you might be referring to the busy thoroughfares by a different name altogether.A bill has been filed in the Philippine senate to rename the two roads after
This is the basis of a new bicycle-centric bill filed in Senate
Mobility changes in the pandemic are making their way to legislation. Senator Raffy Tulfo is looking to expand bike lanes at a national scale through the introduction of a new bill that goes beyond simple funding. He expressed the need for a
Just one more expressway, bro
Can we all agree that building more roads to keep up with the growing number of cars is an unsustainable approach to the problem? It's a classic band-aid solution-at least when it comes to the big picture of mobility.
Think this will be a game-changer?
Remember the Walkable and Bikeable Communities Act? Also known as Senate Bill no. 1290, the new piece of legislation is meant to make the local setting safer for pedestrians and individuals who turn to alternative mobility for transport. Well, it's now
It will also lower the various fines stated under RA 11235 to just P5,000
Republic Act (RA) No. 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act may have already been signed into law, but it's not exactly in the clear just yet. Various rider groups and even legislators are still contesting the constitutionality of the act.
Have you returned to the office?
At first glance, being able to work from home seems like a win-win proposition for all involved. Remote employees eliminate a grueling commute from their daily routine, and employers get a better-rested and more efficient workforce.It isn't perfect,
Should the new admin go for this?
The government has already made known that it isn't too keen on suspending taxes to help motorists cope with rising fuel prices. One senator, though, is still following through on filing legislation to do exactly that.'An Act Suspending the Imposition
When will this crisis end?
As pump prices continue to rise, it's no surprise how the public transport sector continues to clamor for solutions from the government. While we do understand the plight of operators and drivers of public utility vehicles, what some of us may
Who has the best ideas?
Senatorial candidates on March 12 presented their solutions for commuter woes before 'The Rundown', as workers returning to the office brave Metro Manila traffic under Alert Level 1.When asked how to improve the commute for Filipinos and lessen car dependence in
Pranksters beware
This week, the Senate approved on the third and final reading the measure that seeks to prohibit hoax orders and protect delivery riders and drivers from canceled bookings and fake deliveries.With 23 affirmative votes, the chamber unanimously approved Senate Bill No.
Will this catch on?
In September last year, the Philippine Senate passed a bill that sought to rename Roosevelt Avenue in Quezon City to Fernando Poe Jr. Avenue. Well, it has just been signed into law.Republic Act no. 11608, also known as An Act Renaming
What’s your take on this?
Yesterday, Philippine senator Ralph Recto let the Department of Transportation (DOTr) know his sentiments regarding the 'revival' of private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVIC), calling the new guidelines a "mutated variant" and expressing his displeasure over the move. Now, the PMVIC Steering
Uh oh
Earlier this month, motorists were surprised by the sudden revival of controversial Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVIC). Now, a member of the Philippine Senate is expressing his displeasure over the move. In a statement, senate president pro tempore Ralph Recto blasted
Are food delivery personnel being treated fairly here in the Philippines? If we're going by FoodPanda riders' recent complaints regarding the company's payment structure, perhaps this is an issue. One senator has even gone as far as to label their
It aims to reduce accidents and, ultimately, make roads safer
A measure has been filed in the Senate mandating government agencies to set up road and public safety signage that follow international standards to help reduce car accidents and other hazards.Senator Grace Poe put forward the Public Safety Signages Accountability Bill,
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