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We test this claim on road, track, and drag strip
Le Mans might have been where Carroll Shelby sealed a historic victory for Ford back in 1966, but Las Vegas is where his brand, his legacy, Shelby American, lives on today. It's also-by no coincidence whatsoever-where Ford has chosen
The legendary brand will soon be launched in the local market
If you're a fan of legendary Shelby masterpieces like the Cobra and the Mustang GT, then man, do we have some good news for you.Autohub Group has just revealed that it has acquired the distributorship of Shelby in the Philippines,
Not the 760hp supercharged V8, no, but a number of useful things
Ford unleashed its feral Shelby GT500 in January-and there really is no other way to describe a car with 760hp and a bruising attitude to speed. Knowledge gleaned from that mad dog has now trickled down into its baby brother.Which
For context, here’s how other cars fare in the same challenge
Just 10.6sec. That's how long it takes the Shelby GT500 to accelerate from 0 to 100mph (around 160kph), then brake back to a standstill.Just how fast is that? Well, 0-100-0 is a number literally no other manufacturer
Making it the most powerful street-legal Ford ever
Earlier this year, Ford told us that its impending Shelby GT500 would have "a projected 700 horsepower." Seems those projections were a tad...conservative, because, ladies and gents, the all-new 2020 GT500 will produce a whopping 760hp and 847Nm of torque.
It could come with a GT500 engine
Back in 2004, Ford and Shelby unveiled the GR-1 Concept. It was a 21st-century interpretation of the Cobra-based, Pete Brock-designed 1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe race car. With Ford's attention on bringing the GT40-inspired 2005 Ford GT
It’s been a wild ride, but our time with the mad Hennessey ’Stang is finally up
Dang they'd say in the US. Somewhat annoyingly, my time with the Hennessey Mustang GT350R is up. And it's all down to that pesky and rather inconvenient thing called 'The Law.'This being a left-hand-drive, US-
Better late than never
While the Shelby GT500 may be one of the most popular classic Mustang-based Shelbys, there's a special ultra-rare model non-pony car enthusiasts might not be aware of. In 1967, Shelby built a modified GT500 for Goodyear to be
The Super Snake returns
The sixth-generation Ford Mustang boasts quite a few firsts for the model line--items such as independent rear suspension and an available 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. If you're a diehard enthusiast, however, you may just be looking
The most hardcore Mustang ever built
Just in case the Shelby GT350 Mustang that Ford revealed in November--or, for that matter, the freshly unveiled new-generation GT--isn't hardcore enough for you, the American carmaker has announced at the ongoing 2015 Detroit Motor Show that it
A few weeks from now
Ford will be auctioning off the very first production unit of the Shelby GT350 Mustang at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, on January 17, 2015.To be auctioned off with no reserve price, the Shelby GT350 Mustang will be made
Boasting more than 500hp
Remember the "new performance sports car" that Ford Motor Company had been teasing us with the last few weeks? Well, that car is the all-new Shelby GT350 Mustang, which the American carmaker has officially unveiled. Obviously based on the sixth-generation
Limited to 50 units, of course
In 1967, Shelby American introduced the FIA version of the Cobra to compete in the 1964 World Manufacturers Championship series against established motorsport brands like Aston Martin, Jaguar and Corvette. To celebrate the birth of the 289 Ford-powered roadsters, Shelby American
A closer look
If you haven't seen it yet, the link to the video that we made about Classic Speed is here. In my last post we saw the old heaps lined up outside to be restored. But this time let's take a
Muscle car on steroids
Last May, Ford labeled the 662hp 5.8-liter supercharged V8 engine of its Shelby GT500 as the "most powerful engine ever produced in an American vehicle." Four months later and that doesn't hold true anymore as Shelby American has rolled
He did more than the Shelby Cobra, after all
Motoring legend and engineer Carroll Shelby died just over a week ago. To honor the man, we look back at the top five cars he and his company, Shelby American, made under his watch.[gallery]1221[gallery]
Can you guess what the 1000 stands for?
While the all-new Viper may be the muscle car that many people are waiting to see at the ongoing New York International Auto Show, one equally all-American vehicle will undoubtedly trump it in the horsepower department: Shelby American's Shelby
Future collectibles
Shelby American celebrates its 50th year of producing high-performance vehicles by producing a new line of anniversary-edition Ford Mustang-based GTS, GT350 and Super Snake muscle cars.The 50th-anniversary GTS is based on either the Mustang 5.0 GT
From 50 to zero in just two days
Shelby enthusiasts and dealers snapped up all 50 units of the 50th anniversary limited-edition street car Shelby Cobras in just 48 hours. Talk about fast."The strong demand for these cars proves that the Shelby Cobra is still as desirable and
Something for Ramon Ang's car collection?
Shelby American will mark the 50th anniversary of its iconic Shelby Cobra by releasing 50 limited-edition "street car" Cobras."Fifty years after its introduction, the Shelby Cobra is still an international symbol of high performance," said Shelby American president John Luft. "
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