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Just send us your best photo of 'car love'
Just because it's Love Month, we want to celebrate this thing we gearheads refer to as "car love." Or automotive passion, if you will. The best way to do that, we figure, is to reward car guys who share the most
For a group of three friends or relatives
Do you love escaping the noisy, air-polluted and crowded city on weekends to drive to someplace scenic and invigorating? Do you like getting your buddies together for spur-of-the-moment road trips just because? What if we told you that
Watch it here
So, Shell Philippines is rolling out today a new TV commercial for its best-selling V-Power Nitro+ fuel. We're sharing it because, well, the TVC is pretty special. In fact, it's like a scene taken straight out of a
And other facts about these new fuel products
Shell Philippines is not implementing a price increase for its new line of V-Power Nitro+ fuel products. Shell launched the V-Power Nitro+ earlier this week, replacing Super Premium (now V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline), V-Power (now V-Power Nitro+ Racing)
Available starting June 1st
Shell Philippines is launching a better and higher-grade version of its V-Power line of fuels, called V-Power Nitro+. The new line of fuel products will be available to the public starting June 1, but will be unveiled to the
Shell V-Power plays Cupid
Last night, we posted the following message on our Facebook page:The Chief is giving away P2,500 worth of Shell V-Power to the person who can post the most romantic way to use the car in celebrating Valentine's Day.
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