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There is hope
Motorists yearning for a cleaner means of getting around aren't the only people who've noticed the country is seriously lagging behind when it comes to the electric vehicle industry. Lawmakers have, too.Proof of this is Republic Act no. 11697.
We’re still eagerly waiting for this
Last year during the Nissan Futures symposium in Hong Kong, the Japanese carmaker announced that it would be introducing the Leaf electric vehicle (EV) in the Philippine market. Well, we're still waiting, but thankfully, it looks like the EV is slowly
Will this push through?
It looks like the local electric vehicle (EV) movement might soon get a much-needed boost.A new bill filed in the Senate aims to address the high cost of EVs and the lack of infrastructure to support them. How? By requiring
A senator files an inquiry
Will the suspension of the fuel excise tax next year (more on that here) help mitigate inflation? It's a burning question that lawmakers and taxpayers alike want answered.Senator Win Gatchalian, who chairs the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs, has filed
Are you in favor of this?
Prospective car owners might soon have to prove they have adequate parking before driving home with a new ride.According to a Senate press release, Senate Bill No. 201, dubbed the Proof-of-Parking Space Act, is currently in the works. If
See if you're in favor of them
Congressman Sherwin Gatchalian, representative of the first district of Valenzuela City, filed on October 14 two bills that focus on parking issues. One of them should be easily welcomed and praised by car owners everywhere, while the other should attract opposition from
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