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Here are our first impressions from behind the wheel
We drive Mazda’s Skyactiv-X and see the brand’s future, too
Mazda is a relatively small company-at least when compared to giants Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, and Nissan-but its size does have advantages. Over at the Hiroshima-based manufacturer's headquarters, concept cars become a reality relatively quickly, and technical innovations make
An enlightening conversation with Mazda's head of R&D
Top Gear PH had the pleasure of sitting down to dinner with Hidetoshi Kudo, Mazda's executive officer in charge of research and development. This was at a time that the international automotive media was going nuts about Skyactiv-X-Mazda's
Now with Skyactiv turbo tech
Mazda seems to be on a roll lately. Since introducing the CX-5 with the vaunted Skyactiv technology in 2012, the Hiroshima-based carmaker hasn't looked back. It has given its entire product lineup the same advanced and fuel-efficient engines,
Motolite has developed one for PH owners
As you know, Mazda in the Philippines has been on a roll the past couple of years. Now handled by a dedicated and more focused distributor in Berjaya Auto Philippines, the Japanese car brand now boasts far better (and award-winning) products
The question is if we'll get it here
In March, when Mazda unveiled its Hazumi concept subcompact hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese carmaker shared that the car--which foreshadows the next-generation Mazda 2--will be made available with a 1.5-liter Skyactiv-D clean diesel
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