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Limited to just two units
A Lamborghini is a pretty big deal no matter what corner of the globe you're in. In some markets, however, there's more weight to the Italian supercar badge than in others.Have a look at South Korea, for example. Lamborghini'
Think we’ll ever see autonomous PUVs in the PH?
Imagine the perfect PUV driver: He drives at manageable speeds, he's punctual, and perhaps most important, he always checks his side mirrors before making a move. Does he exist around these parts? Possibly. Though we reckon there aren't enough of
They’re also being prioritized for vaccination
Just how serious is the ongoing global automotive chip shortage? In South Korea, those working to procure auto chips are being prioritized for COVID-19 vaccination and will no longer be required to undergo quarantine.According to a recent report by Nikkei
It’s been a tough year for the Korean carmaker
While it's been a tough year for all automotive manufacturers across the industry, some carmakers have been hit far worse by this pandemic than most. SsangYong Motor, for example, has now had to file for court receivership according to a Reuters
Deployment is scheduled for 2024
Another car manufacturer is beefing up its presence in the military. This time it's Kia, which has announced plans to develop a new platform for next-generation military vehicles.In a statement, the car manufacturer shared that it will begin manufacturing
This looks comfy AF
As far as interiors go, the all-new Kia Carnival's cabin might be one of the most nap-worthy around. The Korean carmaker has shared the first images of the next-generation minivan's captain's chairs, and, frankly, we can'
This is how you gather a thousand people while enforcing social distancing
Hyundai may have given us a glimpse of what's to come once this pandemic is over, as it just recently held the 'Stage X Drive-in Concert' in Seoul, South Korea.Stage X, which is now in its second year, is
One mean Korean machine
The all-new Hyundai Elantra has just been revealed in Hollywood, and boy, do we like its look-it's equal parts classy and angry. Frankly, it has the aesthetic to take on the likes of any compact sedan in the market.
These units are brand-new, not handovers
Officials of the Republic of Korea officially turned over today, September 26, 142 brand-new patrol bikes to the Philippine National Police (PNP) to enhance the police force's mobility, particularly in the traffic-prone cities.Department of the Interior and Local
The PNP has new rides
Our Asian neighbors have sure been generous to the Philippine National Police (PNP) lately. First it was the Japanese government, with a couple of dozen Mitsubishi Montero Sports. Now, it's South Korea with more than a hundred new Hyundai patrol vehicles.
Big tires for big dreams
Aside from the traffic problem plaguing our streets every hour of the day, we have to endure our, ehem, less than appealing public transportation options. From the MRT breaking down to dilapidated bus and their manic drivers bullying their way on EDSA,
We attend its first CV motor show in Korea
The Kintex Exhibition Center in Korea hosted Hyundai Motor's first-ever commercial vehicle motor show, gathering some 170 mega vehicles for audiences and clients to examine, drive, or simply gawk at. The Korean brand's commercial lineup was in full display
It's called the Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang
South Korea is big on aesthetics and beauty, and it's not limited to the country's numerous K-pop idols and flawless actors either. In fact, the Land of Morning Calm boasts notable infrastructure that reflects its love for anything pretty.
3rd Korean car brand to do business here
Remember Korean carmaker SsangYong? You might recall some of its models sold in our market beginning in the '90s--first with the likes of the Musso and the rebadged MB100, and then with newer offerings like the Rexton and the Actyon. The
Popular Korean compact sedan reborn
There's a sense of minimalism creeping into Hyundai's designs, and we like it. We'd like to think this is Peter Schreyer's influence, the manifestation of his previous work with Audi. We've seen it in the Sonata and
Which vehicle should represent PH?
If you've been to another Asian country lately and wondered why your Facebook and Instagram posts were so painless while you were there, wonder no more: It's because the Internet speed there is way faster than the pathetic connectivity rate
Former race driver Tyson Sy has been there
Among true fans of the Top Gear brand, anything with the TG logo is worth buying. Shirts, keychains, caps, mugs, pens, stickers--anything. In fact, we get a lot of inquiries from readers who want to know if Top Gear Philippines isn'
In October, to be exact
Last year, two events took place that may have led to this latest Philippine motorsport news. First, in April 2013, movie actor and race driver Jomari Yllana announced the establishment of his own racing team called Yllana Racing. The team initially featured
The first non-Korean president in Kia\'s history
Kia Motors chief design officer Peter Schreyer, the man responsible for the Korean carmaker\'s styling transformation, has been appointed company president, making him the first non-Korean to hold the title in the automotive firm\'s history.Schreyer joined Kia in
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