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Our tech guru has the answers to your car questions
Hi, Ferman. My car is still under warranty but I'm planning to do some engine modifications like intake, headers, and maybe a Unichip, all from Speedlab. My concern is the voiding of the warranty. Are modern cars so well-built nowadays
Give your car's shoes a new color
We're starting a new series called "The Facebook Files," which aims to feature interesting finds on the popular social-media site. A find could be a photo, an anecdote, a product, a service, a personality, or just about anything that's
One that lets you launch like a rocket
As subcompacts go, I still consider the Honda City as one of the best in the market. Well-built, zippy and roomy, it still looks good today even considering the newer competition. The four-door counterpart of the Jazz may well be
12 months after taking a leap
Choosing a "daily driver" can be one of the hardest decisions to make. Coming from a Mitsubishi Galant and Honda Accord past (back when they weren't priced above a million bucks), inflation had limited my choices for my next daily driver
Create the livery for our pocket rocket and win cool prizes
Are you a graphic artist? A Fine Arts student perhaps? Or simply a car enthusiast with impressive artistic skills? Then we challenge you to "Design the Top Gear Race Spark." We are launching a design contest in celebration of Chevrolet's 100th
And the shop is moving to a new home
Regular readers of Top Gear Philippines should be quite familiar with SpeedLab, the go-fast shop co-owned by our technical editor Ferman Lao. We've regularly sought the shop's technical assistance for our stories, and some of our most memorable
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