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Learn more about our road trip this month
The end of the year and the beginning of the new one are an extremely busy time for the Top Gear team. Aside from putting together the January/February issue, we simultaneously work on the Roll-Out Issue while planning for the
Help our letter sender decide
Hi, Botchi!I really need your advice. I am a single city girl torn between getting a Hyundai Tucson GL and a Honda Civic. I know they are not comparable as they are of different classifications. But I really like the refinement
The choice of design professionals
The Sportage compact crossover and Optima midsize sedan are fast becoming popular among design experts as they earned more awards for Kia Motors.Both vehicles won in the 2011 Red Dot competition just months after being recognized for outstanding design in the
And we're still wondering when the regular Sportage will arrive here
It's been a year since the all-new Kia Sportage was launched in the global market. We've salivated over it since, and even more so when the Korean carmaker revealed one variant will be equipped with a turbocharged inline-four
Find out how
The Kia Sportage beat the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and the Nissan Juke in Consumer Reports' latest test, which pitted the three vehicles that "straddle the line between hatchbacks and SUVs" against each other.What won it for the Sportage are the 60/
And we're still waiting for the vehicle to reach our shores!
The Kia Sportage has yet to be launched in the Philippines after the rest of the world received their respective variants of the compact sport-utility vehicle nearly a year ago. While we're mourning over our poor predicament, the Korean carmaker
This time for the Sportage and Optima
Two Kia vehicles--the Sportage and the Optima--were recognized for their outstanding design in the transportation category in the iF product design awards."These latest awards for the all-new Kia Sportage and Optima are proof positive of the tremendous strides
Kia execs insist there are differences
At the media test-drive event held for the new Kia Sportage in Queenstown, New Zealand, one question just had to be asked: How would you differentiate the Sportage from Hyundai's Tucson? As you know, these compact SUVs share a single
You'll have to wait just a little longer for this SUV<br />
The Philippine launch of the new Kia Sportage has been delayed due to supply issues on the highly in-demand sport utility vehicle, distributor Columbian Autocar Corp. said. It may be recalled that reported the new Kia Sportage will
Another battle between the country's best-selling SUVs<br />
Hi, Botchi!I intend to buy an diesel-powered sport-utility vehicle with automatic transmission this year. My budget is at P1.5 million or lower. I'll be using it mainly for city driving so a 4x2 should be okay.
Is the Montero Sport aging and is it time to look at other sport-utes?<br />
Hi, Botchi!Our family is looking at buying a Mitsubishi Montero Sport. Is it still a good buy up to now? I just want to make sure. We intend to buy the 4x2 with automatic transmission. By the way, how old is
Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, Subaru Forester, Hyundai Tucson or Kia Sportage?<br />
Bigger and better? You be the judge<br />
The next-generation Kia Sportage is coming to the Philippines "very, very soon," a well-placed source from distributor Columbian Autocar Corp. told new Kia Sportage looks like a scaled-down version of the latest Kia Sorento with
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