Are you ready for e-jeepneys and e-trikes?
Whether you drive your own car or ride a public-transport vehicle, we're sure there's not a day that passes when you don't secretly wish that old jeepneys and buses be permanently wiped off the face of the earth.
That's Atoy Llave, of course
If you're into car modification or if you regularly visit local car shows, there is no way you haven't heard of the name Atoy Llave--or at least seen one of his creations. The guy is the founder of A-
Our pretty guest says they're insecure
For the third episode of Straight Torque--our 10-minute motoring talk show--we wanted to understand why Filipino men drive the way they do. We wanted to come up with any explanation as to why we behave on the road the
How many cars are sold in PH each day?
You already know that we have a new 10-minute motoring talk show on this website called Straight Torque (an audio-only version of which, by the way, is also broadcast on week ago, we released the very first
Our new 10-minute motoring talk show
Hello, guys! Welcome to the very first episode of Straight Torque, our new 10-minute motoring talk show. This will appear weekly on this website, and will be shared via our social-media channels. Also, an audio-only version will be broadcast
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