Not for the faint of heart
The '90s were a wonderful time for cars, especially for JDM models which have now become bonafide classics. I was born at the start of the decade, so I was too young to have driven any of them then, but I admired
Meet the Fast Five
Subaru's STI division is 30 years old. Yes, really. You may know the name best from wildly winged special edition Imprezas (and Legacys, and Foresters...), but Subaru Tecnica International's expertise stretches far wider. Indeed, STI is behind the wonderful World
We certainly hope so
This sketch is our first look at what Subaru is snappily titling 'Viziv Performance Concept 2'. Set to star at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon later this week, the car "embodies the brand's vision for the future of making cars that
The carmaker has everything covered
There'll be no shortage of performance-oriented vehicles at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. Subaru's made sure of it.The Japanese carmaker has announced it will be fielding sportier iterations of a handful of its most popular vehicles during
Do you practice this?
Is engine braking with a manual transmission a bad idea? Some of the supposed benefits of the practice include better fuel economy and prolonging the life of your brake pads. But is engine braking recommended? Engineering Explained shares his thoughts. The Subaru
The fastest four-door to do so
Remember the lightly nutty Subaru WRX STI Type RA NBR we showed you a while back? Subaru tells us the much suffixed STI has set a lap around the Nürburgring in just 6:57.5, making it the fastest four-door
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