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The continuation of a winning formula
A difference you need to feel
The first-generation Subaru XV was pretty damn awesome. I feel confident saying that because I have one sitting in my garage at home. Admittedly, that also makes me a bit biased, but I've heard the same sentiments echoed by many
Clash of the crossovers
This year is turning out to be a particularly intriguing one for fans of the crossover. Anyone who has been on the hunt for one was treated to a trifecta of arrivals from some of the country's top manufacturers-the all-
How much do you value practicality?
Good day!I'm a seafarer by profession and would like to buy a car for my daughter this coming December.My preferred cars are the Nissan Juke and Subaru XV. Please enlighten me about fuel consumption and the safety features of
We're liking the prices
The all-new Subaru XV has finally arrived. With new looks, an all-new platform and improved performance and handling, the Japanese crossover certainly makes for a very interesting proposition. But the best bit though has to be the price--it hasn'
We attended the launch in Taiwan
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Crossovers are so handy it's amazing no one thought of them sooner. They have the comfort of a sedan, most of the ground
Which one would you pick?
The HR-V is a nameplate we first encountered way back in the late '90s as the shoe of Voltes V. Today's HR-V is a slick piece of work, and arguably the best-looking Honda of the lot.The Japanese
Not just an Impreza on stilts
Once upon a time, the Subaru Forester was a quirky cross between a station wagon and an SUV. But with the growing crossover market, it has matured into a mainstream crossover. One could even argue that it has become a true SUV.
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