Now might be the time to bite
Motor Image Pilipinas, Subaru's official local distributor, is giving the local market a good reason to consider the XV and Forester this month.MIP has announced that select variants of both models will be available with exclusive discounts and freebies until
Do you know what it was?
Subaru is perhaps best known for having all-wheel drive in just about everything they make. The BRZ and a few kei-cars aside, almost every Subaru that rolls out of their assembly lines can put down power to all four wheels.
Now available in PH
Looking for a more upscale cabin vibe to go with your brand-new Subaru XV? Then you'll be pleased to know that Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP), the carmaker's official local distributor, now offers a variant that provides exactly that.MIP
The all-new one has been unveiled
Are you a fan of the Subaru XV? Well, say goodbye-to the name at least.The all-new Subaru XV has been revealed, and this might be the last story where we refer to the crossover by those two letters. The
Mark your calendars
It's hard to believe that the current-generation Subaru XV has been around for five years already. Man, we can still remember shooting this crossover for our magazine cover just like it was yesterday.Now, Subaru has just released a teaser
The Evoltis can also be had through a zero-interest, 12-month payment plan
Local Subaru distributor Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP) has just rolled out its newest promo for August, just before the '-ber' months begin. Through MIP's August Rainy Day Deals, the company is making the XV crossover and the Evoltis SUV more attainable
Up to P210,000 off on the former
The summer deals just keep on coming in. This time, it's Subaru's official local distributor, Motor Image Pilipinas, who has some pretty sweet offers on the XV and Evoltis.If you're eyeing the Subaru XV 2.0 I-S
Only this February
February 2022 might be the perfect month to pull the trigger on a brand-new Subaru vehicle.From now until the end of the month, Motor Image Pilipinas-the Japanese brand's official local distributor-is offering the Subaru XV, the Forester,
Thinking about getting a Subaru?
Considering buying a brand-new Subaru before the year ends? If so, you're in luck. Motor Image Pilipinas, the country's official Subaru distributor, is currently offering special deals on several of its models this month.The vehicles and their corresponding
Nice kit
Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP) brought the refreshed Subaru XV to our market earlier this year. Now, the company has just launched the beefed-up version of its crossover-the XV GT Edition.As with previous GT Edition models, no mechanical tweaks were
Way to mess up a good boxer engine
Changing a car's engine oil may be one of the most basic aspects of car maintenance, but it's also one that should never be overlooked.When it comes to 'change oil,' there are two factors to consider: kilometers driven and
Frontliners are also entitled to an additional and exclusive P20,000 discount
Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP) will not be holding another Subaru Festival this year. In lieu of this, the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in the Philippines is rolling out discounts on its vehicles for September instead.Through its new Festival of Deals
An P80,000 introductory discount will be available at launch
There's a new Subie in town, folks. And no, we're not talking about the Evoltis. We're talking about the refreshed XV that has just arrived at local Subaru dealerships.The updated compact crossover is now on display in Motor
Given the money, of course
Some people buy a car to prove to everyone that they've made it big. Others? They prioritize the one person who likely put them in the position to do so in the frist place.We're talking about our moms, of
A bout between two Japanese AWD crossovers
Over the years, the local automotive industry has become increasingly stacked with value-for-money compact crossovers, and the arrival of these budget SUVs is a trend we can safely assume won't be dying down anytime soon.Frankly, however, the segment
For a hassle-free start to car ownership
Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP) has a special gift in store for customers to kick off 2021: Every purchase of a Subaru Forester or XV is now available with a free P50,000 service voucher.The company says the service voucher can be
Looking for an extra Christmas gift this year?
Automotive promos and discounts are about a dime a dozen during the Christmas season, so we truly do appreciate it when manufacturers go out of their way to find unique ways to sweeten a deal. This Subaru promo is a pretty neat
Limited-time offers on the Forester, BRZ, and Levorg are also available
In the market for a brand-new Subie? Here's a little something for you: Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP), the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in the country, is rolling out huge discounts on select vehicles in its lineup until August 30,
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