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Available for the standard variant
Are you superstitious? If so, take a closer look at the Suzuki Smash 115's new color scheme.In naming the shade 'Candy Jackal Green,' Suzuki Philippines endows the Smash with a mythical flavor. For those who've forgotten what they've
This is Suzuki’s first ever shop in the province
Suzuki Philippines continues to expand its reach in the country as it opens its newest 3S shop way up north in Tarlac City.This dealership is under the Guanzon Group of Companies and its subsidiary, the United Excelsior Marketing Inc. (UEMI), which
Sets a precedent in its very first race
The all-new Suzuki Smash 115 just entered the Philippine market in October and it has already trumped its rivals on the racetrack.At recent Under Bone King (UBK) Grand Finale at the Clark International Speedway, the Smash 115 set a precedent
Just as powerful but more fuel efficient
Suzuki Philippines has launched the all-new Smash 115, an entry-level motorcycle model which replaces the old Smash 110.Though the all-new Smash 115 has a slightly bigger engine than the 110, it's more fuel-efficient due to Suzuki'
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