Other Suzuki vehicles are being discounted as well
If affordability is one of the main factors in your search for a brand-new ride, then chances are you've considered the Suzuki S-Presso.With a starting price of just P563,000, the S-Presso is sure to attract more
This new crossover is supposedly capable of up to 20.15km/L
Suzuki recently teased the next-generation Brezza, a smaller and more affordable Vitara that's sold in India. The new crossover has now been unveiled, and we're thinking it could make for a nice Vitara replacement after the latter's recent
Three stars for adult-occupant protecion, two for child-occupant protection
Remember when the Global New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) gave the Suzuki S-Presso zero stars for safety a few years back? Well, you can scratch that now, because the tiny hatch has undergone new testing and has garnered a much-improved
Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki will also axe several models by the end of 2022
Japan continues to heighten its emission standards as the automotive and motorcycle industries start to go electric. The transition, however, will inevitably come at a cost.Motorcycle manufacturers will have to give up on some of their gas-powered models. According to
Could our market get it?
Toyota and Suzuki have been working hand in hand together developing cars ever since the two brands entered a business alliance in 2017. Some of the more notable products from this partnership include the Suzuki ACross and Toyota Urban Cruiser (seen above),
We also have the tentative prices and specs of Hyundai PH’s new lineup
Reservations have opened in India
India is one of the most important markets to Japanese carmaker Suzuki. As such, it's also usually one of the first places to get the company's newest mass-market offerings-the latest of which is the next-generation Suzuki BrezzaYou'
It looks like the compact SUV is no longer available in our market
It now makes sense why the Suzuki Vitara AllGrip, just a few months after its launch, was being offered with a dozen discounts. Suzuki Philippines (SPH) might have just been clearing up the last Vitara units in stock because it appears the
Especially for seniors
Is Japan a great country to be a motorist in? Oh yes. It has clean, organized, and safe roads that make it one of the best. That said, it isn't perfect.One issue Japanese motoring authorities are trying to address is
Does size really matter?
Size matters in the Philippine auto market. You needn't look any further than our passion for pickup trucks and midsize SUVs for proof. This presents a problem in urban areas, though, where roads aren't exactly built to cater to their
Not bad
Buying a motorcycle always entails buying the right gear. You can't ride your bike out from the dealership if you don't have a helmet, right? Well, Suzuki Philippines' (SPH) new promo has got that problem sorted out.The Japanese motorcycle
The MPV has just landed in ASEAN
Been keeping an eye on Suzuki-related news this year? If you have, then you probably know that the Japanese carmaker already has a few new hybrid vehicles in its global lineup. One is the Vitara, the other the Ertiga.Well, the
Suzuki Auto Pasig has now been relocated; Suzuki Araneta Center is now open
It's been one dealership opening after the other for Suzuki Philippines (SPH). The carmaker has now opened two newly renovated facilities in Metro Manila.The first is Suzuki Auto Pasig, a dealer that has now relocated to Lot 1A-2 E.
Perfect for those eyeing a motorcycle but are on a tight budget
Let's face it: Entry-level scooters are still pricey, at least when you compare them with other budget-friendly underbones and backbones.While there are a lot of affordable scooters out there, the pickings get slimmer when you limit the budget
Is new always better?
Out with the old, in with the new. You've heard it time and again. And while that saying might be apt for, say, the new iPhone that comes out every year, it doesn't always hold true for automobiles.Think back
These will be available for about P4,000 monthly with a 10% DP through financing
Fuel prices continue to shoot up. And if recently proposed tax reforms will push through, the prices of pickups-vehicles that were left unaffected by the TRAIN Law-might also see significant increases. This is why motorcycles are becoming a very practical
Here are our first impressions of the new hatchback
Suzuki Philippines (SPH) recently shook things up with the launch of the all-new Celerio. Its arrival marked the addition of yet another affordable offering to the carmaker's local lineup.The new Suzuki Celerio brings with it a highly fuel-efficient
This is the first Suzuki Combo Shop in Southern Luzon
It's shaping up to be a busy month for Suzuki Philippines (SPH). After introducing the revamped Burgman Street lineup, the motorcycle manufacturer has now opened the doors to a new facility down south.The new Suzuki Combo Shop in San Pablo
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