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The answer to the looming auto excise tax scare
Why the D-Max is a consistent seller
The Isuzu 4x4 Action Playground, with its 30-foot Thrill Hill, was a huge hit among off-road enthusiasts. It drew massive crowds thanks to the wild obstacles that simulated challenging off-road conditions using the D-Max.Low-traction surfaces? Check.
Can the refreshed Chevy take on the Japanese trucks?
On paper, the new Colorado is truly impressive. The 2.8-liter Duramax in-line-four diesel, equipped with a variable-geometry turbocharger, produces 200hp and 500Nm. It feels capable, controlled and intuitive, with the long-travel throttle pedal providing well-modulated
More refinement without messing with the original recipe
Sports cars, in these parts, come with so much emotional baggage. Getting one gets you tagged as unconscionably rich, a dirty old man, anatomically challenged, or all of the above. But what a sports car really is, once you get over all
Sibling rivalry
Honda has been on a roll lately. The brand's new rash of crossovers and MPVs is bringing new customers through the doors in droves. The new Asian-market BR-V and the global HR-V, in particular, present a unique dual-
One of the best-equipped models in its segment
I'm at a coffee shop waiting for my wife. Parked on the street is my new Audi A4, which is right smack in my line of sight as I sip my cup of joe. With at least another 30 minutes to
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