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The answer to the looming auto excise tax scare
A new new round of tax hikes appears inevitable. Like the proverbial sword of Damocles, it will likely pierce the heart of the local car industry in the near future, triggering major shifts in market preference because of the drastic changes in
Why the D-Max is a consistent seller
The Isuzu 4x4 Action Playground, with its 30-foot Thrill Hill, was a huge hit among off-road enthusiasts. It drew massive crowds thanks to the wild obstacles that simulated challenging off-road conditions using the D-Max.Low-traction surfaces? Check.
Can the refreshed Chevy take on the Japanese trucks?
On paper, the new Colorado is truly impressive. The 2.8-liter Duramax in-line-four diesel, equipped with a variable-geometry turbocharger, produces 200hp and 500Nm. It feels capable, controlled and intuitive, with the long-travel throttle pedal providing well-modulated
More refinement without messing with the original recipe
Sports cars, in these parts, come with so much emotional baggage. Getting one gets you tagged as unconscionably rich, a dirty old man, anatomically challenged, or all of the above. But what a sports car really is, once you get over all
Sibling rivalry
Honda has been on a roll lately. The brand's new rash of crossovers and MPVs is bringing new customers through the doors in droves. The new Asian-market BR-V and the global HR-V, in particular, present a unique dual-
One of the best-equipped models in its segment
I'm at a coffee shop waiting for my wife. Parked on the street is my new Audi A4, which is right smack in my line of sight as I sip my cup of joe. With at least another 30 minutes to
A capable entry-level SUV
The Philippine automotive market is one that thrives on practicality. Sure, gearheads like you and I might yearn for cars that are fast and fun, but we're very much the minority. For the general public, a vehicle that's affordable, practical,
A robust, no-frills workhorse
When I was assigned to review the Mahindra Enforcer 4x4 Double Cab by my editors, the "Pare, pulis ako" jokes came loud and often (mostly from you - editors). It didn't help that it was parked in our building's basement across
Which fared better in our test?
Haima's progress in terms of technology and quality since splitting from Mazda a few years back has been tremendous. Nowhere is this more evident than in the turbocharged S5.As Haima's first ground-up design, it veers away from the
A much-needed refresh
A beefy machine alongside econoboxes on highly congested roads? Sounds off. Driving a large SUV in Metro Manila just doesn't make sense. The biggest dissonance, however, seems to be that the natural habitat of sport-utes is not the concrete jungle.
This one's going to be close
The Kia Sportage has always been one of those 'almost there' cars: always slightly behind the curve compared to the Japanese, but offering just enough style and charisma to appeal to customers wanting something a bit more. But with the latest generation,
When it comes to vans, one name still stands out
Family is one of the most precious things in life, but no matter how close a family is, the children grow up and eventually lead their own lives. My mom and dad live in Cebu. While we will always call that place
A good car gets better
It takes a special kind of ignoramus to still associate the current Corolla Altis with fleet cars and taxicabs. Shame on you if you still fling derogatory adjectives like 'safe,' 'dull' and 'unimaginative' at it.This impression became widely held from the
The Peugeot 308 scores a hard-earned point for team station wagon
Station wagons are seldom sought after in these parts. They've fallen out of favor, at least when compared to their taller cousins, the SUVs. Yet there's a charming confluence of driving experience and utility that's found in the best
We assess Mazda's confident crossover
This whole crossover business has been confusing from the very start, only for its offerings to become even funkier and push boundaries even further. Is there a single carmaker to blame for starting this weird trend, or is it down to consumers
The embodiment of a fine automobile
There are a number of reasons that justify the P4.39-million price tag of the Mercedes-Benz E200, and I will start by saying that it feels like you are driving a P4.39-million car. That's a pretty steep
Which is the better family hauler?
The Explorer Sport doesn't drive so much as swagger. Even before you see it, you can almost sense the big Ford roll up beside you at a stoplight. Such is its presence. And while it looked sleek enough when it launched,
The executive's choice
During one of those family lunches, I was seated next to one of my cousins. "What are you driving now?" I asked."An Accord," he replied. "Because you recommended it."I had forgotten that I did, but I was flattered nonetheless. In
A small but capable daily driver
Depending on how you look at it, the economy-car segment is either the most interesting category now or the saddest place to be shopping in. I mean, there used to be a time when P600,000 would have gotten you a
This or its German rivals?
I'm constantly mulling this over: If I had X amount of money, which cars would I choose to buy? Would they be all-out or sensible purchases? The amount of money is relative-we could be talking about an outrageous sum,
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