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Are we so glued to our smartphones and tablets that we're slowly phasing out TVs? Well for electronics giant Sony, the answer is to come up with newer technology that will make consumers want to buy its TV as something that
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So, Shell Philippines is rolling out today a new TV commercial for its best-selling V-Power Nitro+ fuel. We're sharing it because, well, the TVC is pretty special. In fact, it's like a scene taken straight out of a
Soundtrack to a Jeep commercial
In case you haven't heard, they've released another posthumous Michael Jackson CD called Xscape. One of the songs in the album--"Love Never Felt So Good," especially the version in which Justin Timberlake "sings with" the deceased King of Pop--
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The United States' National Football League has just wrapped up Super Bowl XLVII. As expected, of the 55 commercials aired during the game, at least 11 were from car manufacturers.While that may not sound a lot, let's not forget the
Featuring--what else?--a cute girl
Tonight, Nissan Motor Philippines officially launches the all-new Almera subcompact sedan. It is only fitting that they already release a 30-second TV commercial for it. And indeed the company has. Below is the first Almera TVC for our market, and
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